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Photo Business Help

Islay and me shot by Cori Miller

photo by Cori Miller

Hello! I'm Natalie.


I'm a photographer, podcaster, & intuitive business mentor.


I started Jennings Photo over 12 years ago, and have been happily full-time ever since.

I strongly believe feedback and 1:1 guidance are a necessary part of the learning process.


I help overwhelmed & burnt out photographers find clarity in order to grow.


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2021 Cover Art for the Photo Business Help Podcast with Natalie Jennings camera flowers plants

NEW on the Photo Business Help Podcast:

photo therapy!

Join Audrey & I as we take questions from you. Look for "Photo Therapy" in the episode title to hear the latest.


We'll do our best to combine our experience, mistakes we've learned from, and intuitive insights to help you on your photo journey.

Please use subject "Photo Therapy" so we can stay organized.

photo by Cori Miller

Looking for deeper guidance in life & business?

Try a private, 1:1 tarot reading with me!


The energy that you show up with has a big impact on how your business grows. But sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction.


What you WON'T experience with me:

-false psychic powers

-talking to ghosts

-winning lottery numbers

-predicting the future


What you WILL experience with me:

-more clarity

-a deeper connection to your intuition

-new insights, answers, and ideas

-high vibe support

-a safe space

-next steps to get unstuck



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