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Photo Therapy #27!

Episode 389: What's in our bags?

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Feeling stuck?

Sometimes just a little spark of inspiration does the trick.


I've put together a quick checklist of 8 things that are MUST-DOs if you want to grow your biz.


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Hello! I'm Natalie.

I'm a photographer, podcaster, business mentor, & tarot reader.


I started Jennings Photo over 12 years ago, and have been happily full-time ever since.


I help overwhelmed & burnt out photographers find clarity in order to grow.

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new episodes every week

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photo therapy!

Join Audrey & I as we take questions from you. Look for "Photo Therapy" in the episode title to hear the latest.


We'll do our best to combine our experience, mistakes we've learned from, and intuitive insights to help you on your photo journey.

Please use subject "Photo Therapy" so we can stay organized.

photo by Cori Miller



It isn't mind-reading, or talking to dead people, or predicting the future.


It's simply an effective way to get in touch with your inner wisdom so you can make better decisions and live a more aligned life.


Tarot is an amazing tool to add to your biz-building toolbox.

joy, intuition, and alignment are the strongest part of any business

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