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Why Substack?


Substack allows for a deeper connection, and different ways to interact. Whether you're looking for the photo biz basics, or personalized 1:1 help with your business, Substack offers you choices depending on where you're at right now.


With features like chat and notes, it's a space where we can engage in real conversations, away from the noise and distractions of mainstream platforms.


Everything PBH all in one place!

What's included?

Weekly tips directly in your inbox: You'll get a tips and resources every week delivered directly to your inbox.


Not an inbox person? No problem. Download the Substack app or join online via your browser and re ad whenever you feel like it.


Podcast Episodes: Tune in to the PBH podcast for in-depth discussions with industry folks, insights on the art and business of photography, & the personal growth strategies that go hand-in-hand with running a business well.


1:1 help: Get monthly, personalized feedback on whatever it is you need help with right now.


Personal Stories: Learn from my experiences, including the mistakes that turned into lessons.


Interactive Q&As: Get answers to your specific questions, straight from me via email.


Community Support: A rising tide lifts all boats – join a community of like-minded people via notes and chat.