89: Five Tips for Better iPhone Photos

Today I'm going to dig into iPhone tips. If you are sitting at home, I know a lot of you out there have kiddos or pets or fun other subjects that you might want to take photos of and since we're all kind of cooped up right now.

Here are five tips to take better iPhone pictures at home. I say iPhone because that's the phone I've got, I really don't know much about Android phones. Other than that they're not iPhones.

First tip shoot in burst mode.

So if you've got kids or pets that are really quick and running around and you want to get that perfect shot, I recommend holding down that button and your phone will take a whole bunch of photos right away. You probably know this already. But if you don't, it's incredibly helpful because the first one someone might be blinking. The second one might be blurry, but then you'll find that you probably got the image that you're trying to get somewhere in the pile. So number one, shoot in burst mode.

The second tip I have to make your photos a little more interesting on your phone while you're stuck at home is shooting through something.

This means putting something in the foreground, whether it's a plant or maybe there's a couple of items on a table and then aiming for the thing that's behind that item. So it gives your photos a little bit more texture. When you have something that you're shooting through. It can kind of be off to one side of the photo and frame it a little bit but shooting through objects is a great way to make your photos more interesting.

This next one is my favorite, favorite tip because I see people NOT do it all the time and I want to correct them.

Put your back to the window when you're shooting at home and make sure your subject is facing the window, you'll notice a massive difference in the quality of light that falls on your subject when you do this. So tip number three shooting at home on your phone, put your back to the window and tell your subjects to face the window.

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The next thing that's really one of those things that many of you probably know about, but some people don't and they're always like, “Whoa, I didn't know about that. That's so cool.” The portrait mode on iPhones.

Portrait modes, sort of it does like a digital simulation of what a DSLR does, but it's just kind of cutting out your main subject and then making the background all blurry like a beautiful bokeh, but not really. Sometimes you'll notice that it doesn't cut things out perfectly and nothing, of course, will replace a standard glass lens on a nice DSLR but this is a really fun way to make your phone photos stand out and look a little more pro on your iPhone.

Finally, tip number five for shooting better iPhone photos at home is perspective.

Try moving closer to your subject or farther away or try an angle from above or maybe an angle from way down below. You'd be surprised how just shifting the perspective can really, really change your photo up. And remember, if you're shooting portraits of someone, especially adults, shoot from above and shoot down, it just is a much more flattering, flattering angle to shoot most people.

Those are the five if you're sitting at home with your phone and you want to take better pictures of the people and things around you.

Remember: burst mode, shooting through something, put your back to the window, try out portrait mode and change up the perspective a little bit.

I hope you are staying safe and well and that we'll all be able to enjoy each other's company again sometime soon. Until then, thank you for listening and I will be back next week with parts two and three of my beginning Photography workshop with Amanda of Amanda Jean photography.



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