A Sure Way To Get More Clients

IF you’re in the photography business, you’re probably wondering how to increase your biz income since the pandemic turned everything upside down.

This message I’m sharing is going to be especially relevant for photographers in years 1-3, when you’re just getting your foundation in place.

So what’s the big secret?

Creating authentic, supportive relationships with other photographers in your niche. No, you didn’t just mishear me. Yeah, other photographers in your niche.

Your first instinct might be, “But aren’t they my competition?”

My answer is yes and no.

Let me explain:

Yes. It could be argued that other local photographers in your niche are your competition. But that assumes two major things. 

First, that the other photographers have an identical style and personality to yours, but they’re cheaper or something obvious that would make clients choose them over you.

Second, that there is a limited supply of people needing photos taken.

There’s a third thing to consider, too. That all photographers in your niche have the same high-quality brand experience and product.

Essentially, there are a ton of factors that already set you apart from others directly in your niche, or your perceived competition. 

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As you may know, I have always been extremely open with my approach to networking. I don’t hide secrets or have a lack mentality and I practice an abundant mindset, knowing that a rising tide lifts all boats and there is plenty to go around.

I make sure to deliver the best experience I can, too. Great customer service. Great product. Just those alone can set you apart.

But why the networking?

More than a few photographers I’ve spoken with, two of which are my own associates at Jennings Photo, say that nearly 50% of their income from photography last year came from other photographers. 


Other photographers who were booked but had a similar style, other photographers who needed a second shooter or an associate.

Imagine getting just 3 referrals and bookings at a $2k price point (low wedding fee). That’s an extra 6k in your pocket because you made friends with like minded folks.

How do you do this?

You can start by joining Meet-Ups in your area. Take classes and workshops. Join Facebook groups for your area. Better yet, if a photography group doesn’t exist for your town, start one!

Finally, head to to join our growing group of PBH photographers. That’s 



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