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Hey, I'm Natalie.

photo of natalie jennings

I'm an intuitive mentor who guides overwhelmed & burnt out Photographers and creators to find CLARITY in order to grow.

If you hang out with me you're likely to find:


-my dog Islay

-plants, plants, plants


-a real fire in the fireplace

-Duolingo (on a 1025+ day Spanish streak!)

-cute animal videos

-vinyl collection

-comedy specials

-tarot cards & crystals

-crochet & knit projects

-whiskey, sometimes

-photos of people I love

-podcast mic

-running shoes & a yoga mat

-books & poetry

-a bunch of global travel stories



Check out Jennings Photo here.

Looking for deeper guidance in life and business?

Try a private, 1:1 tarot reading with me!


The energy that you show up with has a big impact on how your business grows. But sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction.


What you WON'T experience with me:

-false psychic powers

-talking to ghosts

-winning lottery numbers

-predicting the future


What you WILL experience with me:

-more clarity

-a deeper connection to your intuition

-new insights, answers, and ideas

-high vibe support

-a safe space

-next steps to get unstuck



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