Black Lives Matter


• 75 things white people can do to for racial justice…/what-white-people-can-do-for-racial-ju…

• Anti-racism resources for white people:

• Rachel Rodgers on why white allies need to do better

• Trevor Noah on why looting is a symbol of a breakdown in society and not just a free for all:

• This Historical Twitter thread.…/status/1266531249914601472

• So You Wanna Talk About Race (get the audiobook or kindle, it seems to be sold out)…/dp/B078XKB7B3/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0…

• White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism…/dp/B07D6XQQRY/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0…

• me and white supremacy…/dp/B081FXZFTW/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0…

• 45 seconds and answer the question:



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