Body Wisdom and Business Decisions

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The first time I saw a TikTok dance reel on Instagram, it made me cringe. My very next feeling was dread. I thought, “Oh no, am I going to have to do this to market my own business?” 

You've probably had a moment like this, too; a moment when you felt pressured to make a business decision just to stay on trend. But that's the thing about trends…they're always coming and going. If it's not TikTok dances, it's now stories for Twitter. And if it isn't Twitter stories, it's a reel for Instagram.

The good news is, you don't have to do all of these things. You can follow your body's natural signals of discomfort. 

episode 231 body wisdom and business decisions

I'm not talking about just avoiding anything that makes you uncomfortable. There's a difference between things being scary versus things not being right for you and your business. Sometimes, you’ll have to do things you don’t enjoy. But eventually, you may be able to hire somebody else to help with tasks that you find taxing or tedious.

If I sit and try writing something, when I'm not in that space, it just doesn't feel good. It feels like my body is like, “no, this is not it.” Times when I'm really inspired to say something, it just flows right out of me. Think of this as a small mindset exercise. Listen for those two voices in your head, and follow the one that leads you to positivity.

Working on your business should feel good.

Here’s an example: you get an email in your inbox for a wedding or an event. Maybe it's a huge family photo inquiry. And you immediately just get that lump in your stomach where you're like, “oh, I don't want to do this.” But you still do it. You do it because maybe you have a hard time saying no to the money. You might have some limiting beliefs that like, “if I don't take this, I’m not going to get anything else.”

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Those limiting beliefs aren’t true, though. Read here to find out more about how to push past them.

Pay attention in your day to day between the difference of feeling excited and aligned, versus feeling really kind of heavy and gross about something. It’s a tool, this ability to distinguish between those two things. It will help you a lot as you grow your business. Even if you're years and years in, it's always going to help you. It helps me all the time.



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