Boost Email List Engagement in 5 Minutes!

Your photography business isn't just about photography: it’s about the community of people who follow and support your work. One way to build that community is through an email newsletter. In this article, I'll teach you one trick to boost your email list engagement. Many of us naturally gravitate towards tracking likes, follows, and comments on social media posts to increase traffic to our sites. While this is good, it's not the only thing we should be doing. Getting your emails read is super important, too. 

Tracking and increasing engagement with your emails is a great step to take to help you better understand what your community loves, and what they don’t.

Flodesk is a super intuitive, super simple email tool that I use for my weekly Friday newsletter. My quick trick of the week is to use Flodesk to “resend to unopens.”

Let’s get into what that means. After an email is sent out, Flodesk (and some other email services) offer a cool way to track engagement:  you can see what percent of receivers didn’t yet open the email. Whether it’s lack of interest, forgetfulness, or the email ending up in the wrong folder, sometimes an email gets lost in the inbox. The more followers you can encourage to see your content, the better.

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Check out the podcast episode on this topic here.

Flodesk allows you to resend an email just to those who didn’t open it the first time around.

So, a few days after your initial email blast, you can click “resend to unopens” and hopefully give your community that second reminder to check out what you have to share. 

Here’s an example from my work: I send a newsletter to my list on Fridays. One week, I saw that 20% of the people opened it. 20% is actually a really good average number, but there's another 80% of folks that didn't open it. After four days, and I'll use Flodesk to “resend to unopens.” Those on my list who didn't open the episode the first time will re-receive the email on Tuesday.

Does this increase list engagement, you wonder? YES! A few times, my open rate has gone above 50%.

I'm not saying that's going to happen for everyone every time, but I have noticed a significant bump in engagement from this simple additional step. It's important to understand what happens with the content that you put out into the world.

Making sure your people are opening (and hopefully reading) your emails is a great way to boost email list engagement.

Flodesk’s “resend to unopens” tool allows you to really dig into what your clients are engaged with and give you an idea of what to create in the future.



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