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build your list?

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The hardest part about starting an email list is understanding why and how to do it.


The tech behind workflows, drip sequences, and segments can feel overwhelming if you're new to this, but easy-peasy once you're shown the ropes.


I'd like to help you.


Build Your List is a 90-minute video coaching call with me to help you take the next (most important!) step in building a photography business.

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Email lists are vital to a healthy business.


Social media is an effective tool, but your email list is the one thing you own. Even if Instagram shuts its doors tomorrow, you'll still have your list.


Build your list will teach you everything you need to get started growing your list.

What will i learn?

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all about emails


We'll cover why emails lists are important, the purposes they serve, and what they can help you accomplish in your business.


Lead magnets!


You'll learn what the hell a lead magnet does, then we'll decide which kind of lead magnet is right for you.



Your first Freebie


After this session you'll walk away with your very first freebie to offer your ideal client and start growing your list.

Welcome sequence


Once you wrap your noodle around what a welcome sequence is, and how it's used, we'll set up your first segment and email sequence using Flodesk.


Plans, baby


None of this really works without a plan. I'll teach you how to plan your next month or two so you consistently and intentionally grow your list without getting lost.

Where to share


Finally, we'll cover the best ways to share your new freebie with the world and get things rolling.


so what will I walk away with again?

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Your very first lead magnet,

ready to share.





Your first email list, email segment, and workflow set-up in Flodesk. All of this ready to roll from the second someone signs up.






A plan. A strategy. And a list of ideal places to start sharing your message.




50% off access to my absolute favorite email campaign home base, Flodesk.



No brainer, right?

yeah, but what does it cost?

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90-minutes of 1:1 instruction for $149





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