Celebrating Episode 300!

We are celebrating a big milestone today…the release of EPISODE 300 of the pod!  If you listen to the show, you know that I preach “consistency is key” at the end of every episode, and whew, creating this podcast has been such a rewarding exercise in consistency! We've released two episodes a week since May of 2019.

Are you down to help us celebrate this accomplishment?

Here are two quick ideas! 1. Share your favorite episode with a friend who's never heard of the show! Here's the link to all episodes.2. If you haven't already, leave a review for the show here. Thanks you for being a listener—I'm so grateful that you're a part of this community. 

I am excited and I have a feeling satisfaction with myself for sticking to things for so long. I am deeply grateful for my production team: Elissa Mardiney, and Harry Duran at FullCast. There's no way I could have continued to do all of the production and everything myself.

So 300 episodes ago, I was sitting in my parents' kitchen. I was looking for an apartment—I had just come back to Minnesota after being on the road. I decided that it would be really fun to get back into podcasting.

For a quick throwback story, my first show was called A Face Project. It was stories told in first-person format, along with photos of folks that were put together into a quarterly magazine.

I had been teaching people in various ways to help them grow their photo businesses…so I thought, why not do a photo business podcast? Now we're here, and the rest of Photo Business Help was born out of that.

Any podcaster knows that when they first listened back to their first episode, it's just a nightmare. However, I pushed on because I knew if I was aiming for perfection, I'd never get it done.

Perfect is always the enemy of done.

I was sitting there recording the first episode, and I knew I didn't want to spend that much time doing production. I wanted to do something that was bite-sized and accessible. So, I made things easier on myself and made a goal that I could actually hit. It was short 10ish, minute episodes, twice a week.

I planned to do it for a year, then reassess. There are a couple of reasons I set my goal that way.

One, anytime you get really excited about something, that wave is going to pass. There will come a day where you do not feel like doing the thing anymore.

Then, there will come a day where you feel like doing it again, but it's in that space of time where you're waiting for the motivation to reappear that sticking to your original commitment is what keeps you in the game. A lot of times when we fall out of that motivational space, we just never come back to it. As hard as it is to work through that weird stretch of not really wanting to do it, it's way easier than starting all over.

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So, here we are three years later. Happy episode 300. Let this be encouragement to you to commit to something that you really would love to look back in one year and say, “I did that. I stuck with it.” It doesn't have to be seven days a week and it doesn't have to be something crazy.

Remember, in everything you want to achieve, consistency is key. That phrase is more fitting today, I think, than ever.



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