Clarity & Small Business: why it’s vitally important to your success

An evening I spent in Scottsdale, AZ

Do you feel foggy when you sit down at your desk even though you have a killer to-do list and a beautiful space surrounding you? Does inspiration and motivation come in little gasps, and the rest of your time feel like a diluted mess?

I’d chalk that up to lack of clarity.

Not the quality of tap water or your vision with new reading glasses or an excellently executed grocery list.

I’m talking about planning and goal setting. About running a business. Clarity is a relatively vague concept that promises ease and positive, productive business achievements.

Have you thought about the importance of clarity in your business or other project-based work?

When I think of clarity and business, these essentials come to mind:

-your mission, vision, and values

-your ideal client

-your ideal client behavior

-your specific goals

-your work & life balance

-your calendar

-your approach to your day

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Somewhere in New Mexico

This is a longish-shortish list, meaning I could go on and on but I also know that each of these items can be dissected tenfold.

Clarity is important so you know which tasks are worth spending your time on and which ones you can push aside until later or for good. It helps to focus your precious work hours so you’re getting the RIGHT things accomplished.

Imagine knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, who you’d like to reach, and the precise steps needed to get there.

Sounds pretty great, huh?

Just a little more clarity, that’s all.

Take stock of what you’re doing and ask yourself: what is the MOST important thing I need to complete in order to move myself forward in my business goals? (That’s assuming you have business goals. If not, head here for some ideas.)

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Once you’ve figured that out, break it down.

-When is a reasonable date to get this accomplished? That afternoon? Next month?

-Who is this goal going to benefit?

-How does this move your business forward?

-If you’re trying to reach a specific client, who are they? What do you want them to do once you find them or vice versa?

NYC from the top of the Empire State Building

For myself, I realized that I wanted the ability to work remotely. I love travel and I love running my business, so the ability to do both at the same time appealed to me. One of the skills I’ve cultivated is teaching, I have a background in education and I’ve fallen into the role of teaching photographers how to build businesses. Why not teach online?

Some clarity.

What do I need to do in order to achieve that goal? Who is my ideal client? Once all of this was sorted out, I realized I just needed to get to work. It was clear that completing an online course would bring me one step closer to my goal of remote living and business life.

More clarity.

When you find clarity you can really get to work and make the most of your time. You know why you’re doing a certain task and how it slots into your bigger picture.

If you’re clear about where you want to go but feel lost when it comes to creating content, this might help you get organized.

If you think you could use a had getting organized, staying productive, and moving forward (this year at last!) with you business, I offer free consults to see if I can help. Sign up here and we'll have a chat.



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