Do You Feel Any of These?

Do you feel any of these?

😕I have hardly any followers & likes.
😭My email list is SO small, what’s the point?
🙄There is SO much competition from other photographers.

You think you’re missing something that other photographers know.

You feel frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be a method to the madness that is “finding” clients.

It’s completely overwhelming and feels stupid most of the time. Like you have to “show up”… and for what?

You avoid putting yourself out there regularly because the 3 people that seem interested in you are likely bots, plus that one weird ex with boundary issues.

But you know what?

Not “getting” social media or having huge engagement numbers ISN’T the actual problem you need to solve here.

You don’t have a “small audience” problem.

You have a clarity problem.

It’s that sneaky thing where you’re equating the value and success of your business—and yourself—with numbers that don’t matter.

You’re falling into the trap of thinking you’ll never make it based on metrics that aren’t really all that useful.


The truth is that tons of photographers (some with big followings) means that you’re part of a thriving industry that keeps people employed.

There is a demand for your skills.

What if you didn’t care how many followers you have because you had enough paying clients to keep you booked and busy?

And that email list? How great would it feel to not worry about the size, but the relationships it allowed you to build on your own terms outside of the social bubble?

And what if you stopped caring about what other photographers were doing because you were busy in your own business with clients you love?

You might even look back on yourself and wonder why you ever doubted yourself or your place in this industry because now, you’re actually liking reaching out to folks.

And they are booking.

And you are happy growing your business from this place of things finally working.

How good would that feel?

I’m guessing pretty great. 😁😊💕

That’s clarity.

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