EP 35: The Importance of a Blog for Small Business

It might seem that IG stories and Snaps have taken over. Blogs are dinosaurs, right? 

I absolutely disagree. And in this episode of the PBH I’m going to give you a number of reasons why blogging for your small business is NOT outdated AND why it’s so important.

But first, but first: another review. I make time to share your kind words every other episode or so in order to show my appreciation for your listening ears. Plus, it’s fun to give regular listeners a shout out. 

This one is from JohnnySwim32

Awesome podcast!

Found SEO best practices super helpful!!! Keep it up!

Thank you for this. If you missed it, there are 4 past episodes about SEO in the archives. I teamed up with local photographer and SEO expert, Becca Dilley, and we created a 4-part beginner SEO series here on the show. If that sounds like something you’d be into, check out the episodes titled SEO Workshop.

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So why is blogging still relevant? 


Let’s piggy back a little on today’s review and start with the obvious one: SEO. I have been blogging for my business since I started and it works. How do I know this? Because 80% of my leads in my inbox come from google. Google is a search engine, and my blog posts over time have caused me to pop up in my location & industry.

Do you google stuff when you’re looking for something? Chances are you do. Don’t you want to be searchable to your intended audience? I don’t think search engines are going anywhere anytime soon. Even though there are many ways to find a vendor online, building a strong seo presence is incredibly valuable.


It’s like a photographer’s resume. Blogging give you a chance, especially if you’re a photographer, to share your portfolio with your audience. And why wouldn’t you want to do that? We are in a lucky industry: our blog posts can easily sell our services. We are showing people every time we post something what kind of work we are capable of. So take advantage of this opportunity! Show folks what you’re best at and blog your photographs.


In addition to sharing your portfolio, blogging allows you to connect to your audience. It’s an easy way to share with your followers what you’re up to! Regular and consistent blogging can help connect you to new clients and continue the conversation with existing and supportive clients.


Blogging builds brand strength. As a small business you want to build a know, like, and trust factor with your intended audience. You want to have a place where they can go to get to know you and your work better. If they do this and stick around it’s because they like what you’re putting out there. If you continue to put out content on a consistent basis that folks dig, then they will trust you (and your brand). Blogs are a fantastic way to strengthen a brand.


If you want more warm leads in your inbox, blogging is a fantastic way to generate leads. Including a call to action in your blog posts to email you for more information just might bring you your next client. Better yet, if you find that a piece of content on your blog is working and bringing in leads, you can repurpose that copy and content to other platforms like FB and IG that might also be working for you.

Quick review:

Blogging is still relevant and powerful because of SEO, sharing your PORTFOLIO, CONNECTING with your audience, BUILDING BRAND STRENGTH, and GENERATING LEADS.

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