EP 41: Finding Your Ideal Client

If I asked you, “Who is your ideal client?” how long would it take you to answer? How specific could you be?

Why is this important?

You’re busy building the business of your dreams, or perhaps a side hustle that helps make ends meet or give you a little more cash for things you love to do. You’re clear about what it is you want to offer people, but do you know who you are offering things to?

Episode 41 of the Photo Business Help podcast 
finding your ideal client

Vague or crystal clear?

Most of us have a vague idea of who we’d like to hire us, purchase our products, or follow our social accounts. But vague won’t get you too far when you try to create content week after week. It’s like throwing a dart in the dark. You might get a hit here and there but it’s not a great way to track what’s working, or a good predictor of what will resonate with your ideal client when you sit down to create.

If you’d like to explore these ideas offline later, you can download the free PDF here.

How to get clearer?

1: Who?

Seems basic, but who is the general crowd you’re hoping to reach? Women? Athletes? Kids?

2. What?

What do you offer? Is it a product? A service? Something online like a course? Maybe it’s a combination of those things. Make a list of everything you offer or plan to offer in the future.

the ideal client worsheet button

3. Clones

Which clients have you had in the past that you’d love to clone? This is valuable stuff because if you can nail down that particular person you liked working with so much you want clones of them lining up to work with you, you already know your ideal client.

4. Problem?

What is their problem? What are you offering that will help solve that problem or need for your client?

5. How?

How can you help them? Here you can dig a little deeper in your “what” from above and think about processes and protocol around your offerings.

6. What else?

What other details can you list about them? Where do they live? What do they like to do? What is their income bracket or age? Get as specific as possible here.

This should help focus your attention in a way that narrows your focus and helps pin down your ideal client. If you’d like to work through this exercise offline on your own time using my PDF guide, you can grab it for free here.

If you’re getting started in a new creative business and think you need a mentorship to get organized, you can learn more here.

Keep the energy flow positive! Happy creating 😉



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