EP 44: Meditation Basics (even if you can’t meditate)

I hear you. You can’t meditate. You’re too busy. Your brain won’t shut off. Nothing happens, right? You hear about it all the time and now it’s just trendy and stupid. It’s bullshit.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Okay, so meditation confounds and confuses you. You suck at it. You’re terrible at it. It doesn’t DO anything.

What’s the POINT?

I hear you. I’m still not that great at it even though I’ve logged THOUSANDS of hours on my meditation app over the years.

Here’s the thing:

Meditation is meant to help quiet the mind, which is rare in our current society. It’s meant for us to connect to our essential selves outside of the mind, otherwise known as the ego. 


Because in addition to innumerable studied health benefits including improved health and sleep, recognizing our true nature is beneficial in everyday life. It’s a different set of glasses to put on each day, in each situation.

It’s also–and this is my personal favorite–a way to connect with a peaceful, high vibe energy that’s impossible to communicate with if you’re brain and ego are in the way.

There’s an incredible book by a guy called Michael A Singer that changed my perspective on this. It’s called the Untethered Soul and you can grab a copy on audible or just at a book store.

In addition to a lot of helpful information if you’re a human trying to be in the world, he opens with this idea:

Photo Business Help Podcast with Natalie Jennings cover 44

In addition to recognizing the voice that makes everyone think they’re a crappy meditator, let’s remember the point of meditation: to disconnect from the ego, reconnect with our larger self. 

So here’s are a couple of things to DO and a couple to NOT do if you’d like to try this whole thing out. And remember, consistency is key. You’re not going to notice much your first week or two. But you WILL notice a change if you stick with it. I recommend the morning, but if that’s not possible, try a time when you can’t be interrupted. Maybe it’s your car in the parking lot before going into the office, whatever. Just find at least 5 minutes at day to start and work to 20 from there.

Also, check back to episode 15 where I take a deep dive into my morning routine.

So, to start, just be still. If you think of stuff, just bring yourself back. One technique that I find wildly helpful is focusing on something dull and bringing myself back to it when my mind wanders. Maybe it’s the clock ticking or the heater blowing or another dull noise that you aren’t tempted to judge. Something where you won’t say: that’s a lame sound for the air conditioner to make. Nope, just sit with it.

Bring yourself back when your thoughts wander but DON’T get mad at yourself for your thoughts wandering. Remember, there is a massive growth step in simply realizing that YOU are NOT your thoughts. This in itself will change the way you navigate your life and business.

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And that’s a good note to end on: why this on a Photo Business Help Podcast? Because it’s ALL connected. The more you take care to understand your health and wellness and attitude, the better you’ll be and taking the helm of a business. 

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