EP 50: Celebrate Your Wins

This is a short but sweet episode of the PBH. We are celebrating 50 episodes! Wahoo!!

In this episode of the Photo Business Help Podcast, I’m going to talk about something I believe is vital to a healthy business mindset: Celebrating your wins! No matter how big or small, it’s so important to acknowledge and appreciate the wins in your biz. 

Whether you’re thanking someone in a DM for following you on social or surpassing your wildest, biggest goal, all wins are important. They contribute to a positive, abundant mindset in business and keep you focused on what you’re doing right, not what you’re lacking.


And it’s that simple.

What have you done today that’s positive in your business? How often do you focus on likes and follows and miss out on giving yourself some credit? Maybe you got an inquiry in your inbox today. Maybe you had a nice compliment on social. Whatever it is, take a minute to appreciate YOU and what you’re doing to build a business you love and are proud of. Sit in that feeling for a few seconds. 

Doesn’t that feel better than focusing on the lack?

For me, I’d like to celebrate 50 episodes of the PBH today! For me, this is a big deal. Like a lot of people, I’ve started things and not seen them through. I have the best of intentions, but I get sidetracked and lose steam. 

But when I started this show, I had a goal in mind: to help people by sharing what I know twice a week for a full year, no matter what (barring, of course, any major emergencies). And here we are, a few months in celebrating a solid 25 weeks of the Photo Business Help Podcast! 

So, that’s it for this episode. I want to keep it simple. Celebrate your wins big and small. Stop living in the negative and give yourself some credit for how far you’ve come. Have an abundant mindset!



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