EP 68: Ten Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

So, in an effort to push myself to share more, I’ve decided to start with a little bit of a grab bag about me, for fun:

  1. I love crocheting and knitting. I make hats and mittens and the occasional afghan every winter.
  2. I used to host a weekly jazz radio show for 3 years called “the straight, no chaser show” which is a Thelonious Monk song
  3. I volunteered with Hospice for 2 years and was caring for my grandmother when she passed
  4. Although I’m not ambidextrous, I do write with my left hand, throw a ball with my right, frisbee with my left, shoot pool right, use chopsticks left, use a computer trackpad right, mouse left, knit right, crochet left, sight left, shoot right (very complicated), scissors right, chopping knife left, and on and on.
  5. I play the guitar every day but have yet to play a set in public
  6. I lived in Prishtina, Kosovo where I taught high school English
  7. I moved to Hawaii when I was 18 and double majored in English Lit and Hawaiian Language in college. 
  8. I played a 3-year dungeons and dragons campaign, and loved it
  9. I eat fish, but haven’t eaten chicken, pork, or beef in almost 10 years
  10. Drawing is my first love and I used to want to be a cartoonist for Disney growing up
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