EP 88: Photo Education for Hard Times

I thought I'd draw your attention to some of the other workshop-style episodes that I've put out on the podcast. The first of these workshop-style episodes, or series rather, is the SEO beginner series I did with Becca Dilley.

Becca Dilley is a Minneapolis-based wedding photographer and SEO expert.

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If you are unfamiliar with SEO, or you're not really sure what it is, or you know a little bit, but you want to learn more, this is a really good place to start. We covered four different episodes. Episodes 20, 22, 24, and 26 of podcast. If you want to get started in SEO or have no idea what I'm talking about and just want to dive in. You can you can start with those while you're sitting at home this week.

I recently finished a series with Jasmine Fitzwilliam of Let's Frolic Together.

She is a California based wedding photographer and she's been doing weddings for nearly a decade now. The series that we just recorded together is wedding photography for beginners. You can check those episodes out. We did a four part series episodes 82, 83, 84, and 85. That's wedding photography for beginners. We cover things like what gear we use and things to definitely bring along when you're shooting a wedding. How to handle certain things with your clients, a lot of things that you might be asking if you are new to wedding photography. So if that might be something that you want to dig into again, that's wedding photography for beginners episodes 82, 83, 84, and 85.

Finally, if you're sitting at home and you are new to photography, as many listeners of the photo business podcast, I put together an episode a little while back. Episode number 75 talks all about mastering manual shooting modes.

There is no better time than to sit around and fiddle around with your camera than if you're stuck at home. And this is a really, really great way to practice and get comfortable so that when you are out shooting gigs again, you're ready to shoot in manual mode. So that's episode number 75. I dive into that whole process give you a little bit of information on the triangle of ISO, shutter speed and aperture and it's a great place to get started.

So just to recap, if you want to dig into some SEO basics, you can check out my four part series with Becca Dilley of Becca Dilley Photography and those episodes are 20, 22, 24, and 26. Episode Number 75 is mastering manual shooting mode. And then if you wanted to check out the beginning wedding photography series that I did with Jasmine Fitzwilliam of Let's Frolic Together episodes 82, 83, 84, and 85.

I'll have these links in the notes for you and tune in next week for my second and third part of my series of beginner photography with Amanda. So that's a lot of educational stuff to throw at you if you're looking for some things to keep you busy right now. I hope you're saying well, I will be back on Thursday.

Episode Notes

  • Wedding Photography for Beginners: EP 82-85
  • SEO for Beginners: 20, 22, 24, 26



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