Exploring Tarot as a Business Tool

I have been exploring all different modalities and tools for healing and growth for a long, long time. So this includes things like breath work and Reiki and energy work and yoga and plant medicine, including Ayahuasca and different forms of exercise. And that's just kind of scratching the surface.

Incorporating magic is one of the things that I believe can truly help your business grow.

It's a core tenant of the Greenhouse. It's one of the things that I believe is central to running a small business, especially in an industry like this one where chances are you're running your own business. You might have some colleagues and friends at second shoot for you–you might even have a small team, but for the most part in the lifestyle photo industry, it's you. And because it's only you, I believe that it is incredibly important that we are grounded in ourselves and in our reasons for doing it and trying to bring as many healthy practices to our businesses as possible.

At the end of the day, wherever we're at is where our business is going to be.

I can speak to that firsthand. This is my 11th year full-time, but I've gone through some stuff since I started Jennings Photo. One large thing in particular was divorce. If you look back at those couple of years, when all of that was going down, it's reflected directly in my business and I wasn't blogging as much and I wasn't as present.

I wasn't really giving a shit about what was happening with my business, which is totally forgivable and normal. Going through something as big of a life changes as that, it is really important to keep in mind that connection between where we're at as people and where our business is at. It's a very, very strong connection.

And, and again, I'm speaking to small business owners that are predominantly the sole person running the business, just like when I started Jennings photo.

So, why tarot? I know that there's a massive stigma around this particular tool.

And it's one of the reasons that I was drawn to it because I found a way to work with the cards that was incredibly valuable, and that has helped me a lot. It's improved my personal relationship with myself, and my relationship to other things.

So, how does that work? Well, let me back up a little bit and just talk a little bit about how I view tarot. The best analogy that I can turn to when I sit down to do a reading for myself or reading for others, or reading in my weekly newsletter at Capricorn born, is that I like to think of a coin flip.

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I'm sure at some point in the past you've flipped a coin because you've asked a question, let's say: should I move to New York or LA? So those are two very different things. They both have their pluses and minuses. You're not sure. So you decide screw it. I'm going to flip a coin. So you assign heads to New York.

You grab your favorite coin, you flip it, you slap it on the back of your hand and you're just about ready to uncover it. And then….

In that space in that second before, and the second after you uncover it, there's something that happens in your body, in your energetic field. You will, without a doubt, have a tiny reaction to the outcome. Part of you is either going to be a little bit bummed or a little bit relieved.

There's no way around it. And the reason I share this exercise is because you are reacting to something on kind of a subconscious level. Your thinking brain is looking for an answer. So you're just flipping a coin because you just want a clear answer. You've done the pros and cons for both places.

You're just ready to get it over with. But your subconscious brain, your body wisdom, all of the things that do a tremendous amount of quote-unquote thinking for you all the time has a different idea of things. And that is where you get that split. Second of a reaction that you might have been surprised about.

So you might feel a little twinge of like, oh, I wanted it to be heads. Those are the sorts of issues and problems and clarifying points that something like the tarot can help with because we always have this underlying dialogue going on. We always have a subconscious thing that's driving us. Our subconscious is driving almost everything we do.

Our conscious brain is always trying to twist that around. Sometimes, we ignore it. Sometimes, we know what our unconscious brain is saying, but we do the opposite. I personally use the Tarot to ask for clarification around business decisions I'm trying to make. I put one or two cards out, and often, the same kind of “coin flip” experience will happen.

episode 270 of the photo business help podcast. exploring tarot as a business tool

So I don't believe that this is necessarily some divine intervention, where those cards were chosen by some kind of energy in the room and suddenly they're in front of me. I DO kind of believe more of the coin flip analogy.

The cards can either show me the situation in a different light, or they can point to things internally that I already know.

I think that's what happens with coin flips, and I think that's what happens with the tarot. It's a way of connecting with your deeper knowing. It's a tool to get you more deeply in touch with your inner wisdom, which I believe is a huge, huge part of making business decisions.

You run your business. You run it the way you want to run it. There's no rules here. There are definitely frameworks that other people do that work, but you can do whatever you want.

If you are in touch with what feels good to you, if you can strengthen that relationship with your inner wisdom, where the coin flip doesn't surprise you anymore, that is where you're going to be making a lot of great business decisions from.

I do a weekly newsletter, which has been going on for about a year now. And I like to help other people use this different tool. It's something that's not very common. It's something that can really take people by surprise when they have cards in front of them and they go, oh, “I've never thought about it that way.”

discover your business energy and how it's helping you grow or holding you back

Usually, it's stuff that you already know, but sometimes you just need a little nudge. So that's how I approach it. Just a tool that gives you kind of a little nudge, a tool that connects you with your inner knowing. But it's also something that I will be featuring in the Greenhouse.

As the Greenhouse gets ready to open it doors again, I'll be speaking a lot more to these foundational pieces that I believe are at the core of a successful business. If this is something that interests you, if you want to kind of go down this rabbit hole a little bit more, if you have questions for me, all the links are in the show notes. Also, check out Capricorn Born on Instagram.

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