Five Reasons Why A Learning Community will Help Grow Your Business


Five Reasons Why A Learning Community will Help Grow Your Business

Do you sometimes feel isolated on your photography or creative business (ad)venture? You’ve wanted to start a business or you’ve been in biz for years, but you feel all alone. You have a million internet pals, but very few folks who will grab a coffee and talk shop.

So why join a learning community?


Four women with cameras pose in front of an urban building.

ONE | Collaboration

At one of our recent group meet-ups in Minneapolis we brought cameras, paired up for 10 minutes, and shot photos for each other. We focused on headshots and portraits that could be used in future marketing. After the 10 minutes was up, we switched partners and starting shooting again. At the end of an incredibly fun evening we walked away with new photos for social media. Win-win!

That’s the heart of collaborative learning. A chance to meet with real human beings and create something together that’s beneficial for everyone. (Thanks Audrey Nicole Photography for the color pics)

Pictured from left to right: Keela Josephine Photography, Lena Lakoma PhotographyBrianna Lane Photography, Me

TWO | Helping Out

Ever stuck in a spot where you could really use some help shooting a wedding or event, or aren’t sure where to send a potential client when you can’t shoot the gig yourself? Learning communities are a perfect place to foster new relationships that benefit your business and help others get more gigs under their belts.  Another win!

Photo Business Help learning community Facebook group 

Natalie Jennings holding wine glass and Iphone

THREE | New Styles

Inspiration comes from exposing yourself to a variety of styles and approaches. Everyone has a different take on the same subject. The sharing aspect of a learning community is a perfect way to take a peek at new styles and get inspired!

FOUR | Fresh Tips

Our online group is always teeming with tips from myself and others that want to share their experience in business and photography with others. If I’ve learned something that’s helpful, or made a mistake I want you to avoid, you better believe I’m going to share it in the group!

FIVE | Feedback

Constructive criticism (cc) on photos or creative work is common for many online learning communities. It allows you to share you work with others in a similar space but with a variety of viewpoints. Sharing what you’ve created in a space that’s safe is important, and the feedback you receive is productive and helps you to grow.

I’m a huge advocate for building community around what you create. Photo Business Help with Natalie Jennings is a free Facebook group that offers tips, inspiration, and in-person meet-ups so you can learn, grow your business, and connect with real people.

Head to Facebook and search: Photo Business Help with Natalie Jennings and join us for free. Hope to see you there!






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