Humility & Messing Up

I’d like to start this episode off with some gratitude. In the midst of listening, learning, digesting, and trying to navigate 2020, it’s been easy to lose sight of some important things. Gratitude, though a ubiquitous term, is so important.

It’s uplifting to your energy field. It shifts your gaze in a direction that allows your brain to focus on MORE of a good thing. The sciencey part of gratitude is worth a dig into, if that interests you.

For now, I’d like to share a quick DM I received this morning from a new listener:

“I came across your profile via your podcast after searching for a Black Lives Matter photography episode. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it and your episode “Do This To Grow” really spoke to me. I love how authentic you are in presenting your advice and talking about your experience. Thanks a lot.” -Tim

Well, Tim, if you’re listening. Thank YOU.

Listener feedback is the soul of this work and I appreciate and learn from all of these messages.

It’s so lovely to know when something is resonating. And, on a more personal note, it means a great deal to me that my rambling on is authentically felt, as it’s a focus point I have for this show.

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Today’s episode isn’t just about gratitude. I’d like to touch on a big concept that I believe is an incredibly important and useful part of the conversation we need to be having.

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As you’ve probably seen me post about, I recently attended a small business town hall on how to be anti-racist in your company and better.

To read my full post about this head to or find a link in the show notes.

One of the simplest and grandest takeaways in my learning recently is this:
If you’re feeling sure of where you stand but scared to speak up, either because you might say things wrong or fuck up. Remember this: you will probably mess up. It’s part of learning.

Ericka Hines said it fantastically: “Be humble and ready to fumble.”

This may not seem like an entire episode of content, but I wanted to really drive this point home: “Be humble and ready to fumble.”

She also offers a beautiful way to handle and call-outs or fuck-ups that come your way. Being defensive is not the way, but instead consider responding with:

I’m sorry. I apologize. I’m going to change my behavior.

And that, dear listener, is all we can do. Make the best impact we can with our aligned intention. Listen more than speak. Learn. Grow.

Growth does not happen in a vacuum. 

So I invite you to just think on this and decide if you’re okay with messing up a little here and there for something you believe in.

Again, if this is resonating and you’d like to dive down the rabbit hole, my blog post has all of the links you need to view the town hall replay and digest more of this for yourself.

Lead with love.


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