EP 42: Keep A Better To-Do List You Can Get Through

Welcome to the Photo Business Help Podcast! This is episode 42 and I’m your host, Natalie Jennings. I’m a photographer and educator. I founded Jennings Photo in 2010 and since then have helped hundreds of photographers start photo businesses. And here we are.

I’m coming at you from Minneapolis today. It’s my last week home before the cyclone that is travel and fall shooting season hits me. In the next two months I’m slated to be in Atlanta, New York City, Las Vegas, and Colombia, South America. Traveling is a big part of my life, but it seems like the fall gets more and more bonkers every year.

Last year I took a 6000 mile road trip from Minneapolis to Vegas down through allll of Texas to New Orleans and down to Naples, then back up through Nashville and Chicago. Driving has always been one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love it. That trip was with my boyfriend, but I’ve driven all over this country alone, and it’s kind of church for me.

Driving through wide expanses of Utah or Canada or Vermont or Montana with nothing but my thoughts might sound awful to some, but it’s where I recharge.

Anyway, in addition to the travel, I’m shooting more days than not in October, which is Minnesota-usual. I try to remember the idea of all things in seasons. That this stretch of madness and joy will end and the quiet of winter will settle in before I know it. The seasons are a wonderful way to stay calm and less stressed.

All things come to an end.

Stay Organized with Workflowy

episode 42 of the photo business help podcast 

keep a better to do list you can get through

But since we’re in busy season mode, I wanted to chat with you about lists. We all have a bajillion things “to-do” and busy has become a badge of honor. 

I disagree. I catch myself using the word “busy” when people ask me how I’m doing and I’ve been trying to at least be more interesting, and honest. Because even though I’m busy, I’m no longer frazzled by it. I’m organized. I’m staying healthy. I make time to do the things I love and I still stay on top of things. 

Finding your own balance is important. And though I am busy, I’m not overwhelmed too often. And that’s one of my priorities. 

One little  thing that has changed the game for me is my process. They WAY I keep track of it all. 

How many lists do you have? Post Its? Notebooks that are half full? Task lists in gmail, notes, and other digital nooks and crannies?

Does it feel like you’re never quite getting things done, except making your lists longer?

Enter WorkFlowy. This software has completely changed the way I do business. It’s super basic, but a very powerful way to stay organized and on task.

Everything that pops into my brain goes on this list, and since WorkFlowy syncs, the same list is reflected on all of my devices. For example, if I need to make a vet appointment for the dog and get a bright idea for my next blog post, but I’m in line at the bank, I just open the app on my phone and add to my lists.

I keep my lists organized by personal, work and a few sub categories. That way vet appointments and grocery lists stay out of my work space.

Natalie Jennings Host of the Photo Business Help Podcast

Everyone has a different workflow and style, so not all of these are for everyone. But if anything speaks to you, give it a try! I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

And if this intrigues you a little, check out episode 12 of this podcast where I talk about Workflowy and a couple of other tools I can’t do business very well without.

And that’s it!

Remember, consistency is key.

One more thing:

If you’ve been listening a while and didn’t have a chance to grab any of the freebies I’ve mentioned in other episodes (and don’t really have the time to slog back through to find the right URLs I mentioned), I’ve done a cool thing: head to and get ALL of the freebies in one little bundle.

It’s totally free and might help you feel more caught up on the things we’ve covered so far. So if you’d like to snag everything I’ve put together so far, head to and grab your free bundle of freebies today.



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