Limiting Belief: Thinking “I Need More Followers”

Before we get to the meat of the issue here, here's the concept: your thoughts create your reality.

Everything we experience, whether it's a text message we get from a friend or a random drink spilled on us, passes through our brain's filter. That filter, made up of our previous experiences and our thought patterns, affects how we see these experiences. Our thoughts influence how we view the world, and ultimately, affect our actions. In other words, your thoughts become your reality. Think of a room you know well: your kitchen, your bedroom, or even your car. Everything in that room was the result of a thought you once had. Your thoughts made up your reality in that room, just as they do in every other aspect of your life.

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Sometimes, this is good, but sometimes, real growth requires us to get out of our own way. Seeing past negative thought patterns can free you to be more successful in your business. One common negative view? “I need more followers to have a successful business.”

The quality of engagement with your clients, not the extreme quantity is what matters in this type of business structure.

This idea is so common in these times of social media, but it is simply not true. I am living proof that you can be a photographer with a small number of followers, but still have a successful business. There is a practical explanation for this: photography is a service based industry. Your products are your photos and your time. And as a “solopreneur” or solo shooter (which many of my listeners are), you can only provide so much before you simply run out of time. There's a cap, and that's a good thing! You can be earning six figures as a photographer, and only have 100 clients in a year.

Tell that voice that doesn't believe you can hack it with less than a thousand followers on Instagram to just go away or shut up because that voice is equating random, totally meaningless numbers with success.

I'm not here to say that having a lot of followers is bad or that it doesn't provide a feeling of validation. What I am saying is it has absolutely nothing to do with whether you are a profitable business and a joyful business. Followers are just numbers. What matters, instead, is relationships.

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And the biggest thing is not just the sheer number of followers but instead, having an ongoing relationship with the five people that hired you last year.

Focus on nurturing client relationships after the photos are delivered. Strong relationships will keep clients coming back year after year. Maybe they'll invite their friends or family to check out your work, and maybe you'll end up with 60 or so repeat clients. It doesn't take a high number to find success in your business. So focus on the people that are supporting you, that are giving you money, that are enjoying your work, and not just on the folks that are liking and following.

One easy way to stay in touch with clients is to start an email list. It's a simple way to communicate and nurture those important relationships–to keep a small, tight circle of supporters. In fact, it's probably the best, most effective and easiest way. So if you haven't started that list yet you can 🌱 find all of our freebies HERE. There's some resources there for you, or to shoot me a note, so I can point you in the right direction. Remember today's lesson: focus on the quality of engagement, not the quantity.

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