Mini and Micro Weddings

For all of us wedding photographers out there, 2020 has been harsh. Not just of us, of course. But it’s a huge adjustment.

We’re fortunate that we’re still able to work. 

Instead of totally lamenting the loss of the crowded dance floors, I encourage you to approach your marketing a little differently.

This might not be AS lucrative as you’re used to, but it might also be the new norm:

Enter micro and mini weddings, sometimes known as elopements.

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This requires a little pricing restructuring on our parts, and the expectation that we’ll only be shooting a couple of hours, tops.

But after shooting a couple of micro weddings recently, I LOVE them.

There’s still time for dream portraits and love-soaked glances over vows. But there’s time, as a photographer, to breathe. TO have ENERGY. To really use every minute.

I’m not saying to stop offering your larger collections for future dates. But I’d consider adding in some smaller or hourly options for folks, too.

And if you listened to my last episode on blogging, try blogging about a small wedding, too. You can see one of my favorites at the very top of


Sample elopement:



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