My Top Three Content Creation Tools

I'm accomplishing a significant number of goals in 2018 and I'd like to tell you about my top three favorite content creation tools that have helped me along the way.

A big part of my business revolves around my content creation, specifically my blog posts. I’m a photographer, so blogs are an ideal way to share my portfolio with potential clients, or just folks who like looking at photography.

When I created my Content Creation Class, I was creating a lot of content. Duh. I wanted to make sure the class worked and would actually help people. Funny thing happened, it helped me most of all.

I’m not even sure where all of the ideas came from. I meditate daily and believe fiercely in the power of revisiting goals—for lifestyle and business—daily in order to see results. This morning practice has changed my life. It was during a morning meditation where my clear mind welcomed the idea for the course.

One of my teachers talks about being in the receptive mode, the space of allowing. I believe that’s where my consciousness was at when this thing came together.

Content Creation Class my Top three favorite tools

That’s all well and good, but I discovered that there were a few essential tools that I’m completely dedicated to using from now on. In no particular order:

The Tablet

I’m referring to my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil (get one here!) and the folding keyboard case. There was some kind of bundle deal along with a phone upgrade and I found myself seriously considering the tablet.

It seemed totally superfluous and extravagant. I had a laptop and a smartphone. Why would I need to add yet another piece of tech to a life I’m trying to simplify?

Still, I walked out of that store looking like a commercial for Apple, and still laugh when I’m at a cafe surrounded by my MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad, the stylus laying next to my latte. We all balk at being trendy, but I’m definitely that girl these days. In my defense, I can completely support myself financially with my little portable office and I’m delighted.

Right, the tablet.

I’m using it right now. I’m flying from Minneapolis to LA and this thing is the PERFECT airplane tray table size. Not only that, but it has it’s own data connection like my phone so as long as I’m in range, I don’t have to worry about WiFi for basic, low-data things like emails.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want to work on the tablet without the keyboard. It’s slim, easy to type on, and is part of the cover. The whole thing props up the iPad as you work. And the stylus works with notebook apps so you can doodle, take notes and make notebooks, or even import PDFs to scribble on.

The tablet has quickly become my go-to for organization, note taking, and copywriting.

Hawaii Kawela Bay Content Creation Class

Scheduling Platform

Ever feel like your head spins when you think of keeping up with your presence on social media? You may want to try another of my favorite content creation tools: a social media scheduling platform.

There’s Hootsuite, Edgar, Tailwind, Buffer, and others. I personally like Hootsuite for most of my needs, and it’s a cool $20 per month for most of what I need. If you’re rolling your eyes at yet another biz expense, I hear you. But remember that what you invest in making your business more efficient will come back to you.

After I write a blog post I fire up Hootsuite and repurpose my content across the social channels I use most. It gets easier the more you do it, but might take a few extra minutes the first few times you repurpose your content or get used to a new platform.

The best part? I have content scheduled out across all of my favorite social media platforms for months. No more spinning head. Just more time to meditate and take a nap.

List Tool

How many lists do you have? Post Its? Notebooks that are half full? Task lists in gmail, notes, and other digital nooks and crannies?

Does it feel like you’re never quite getting things done, except making your lists longer?

Enter WorkFlowy. This software has completely changed the way I do business. It’s super basic, but a very powerful way to stay organized and on task.

Everything that pops into my brain goes on this list, and since WorkFlowy syncs, the same list is reflected on all of my devices. For example, if I need to make a vet appointment for the dog and get a bright idea for my next blog post, but I’m in line at the bank, I just open the app on my phone and add to my lists.

I keep my lists organized by personal, work and a few sub categories. That way vet appointments and grocery lists stay out of my work space.

Everyone has a different workflow and style, so not all of these are for everyone. But if anything speaks to you, give it a try! I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. 

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