I didn’t know the first thing about starting and running a business, but something else was VERY clear: 

I wasn’t happy at my job, had very little time for myself, and I felt trapped in a system that didn’t allow me to try out new ideas. It was mind numbing and soul crushing to creatively express myself only if I had permission & approval to do so. 

I was barely making ends meet and knew burnout lurked around the corner. I sensed that there had to be a path to a better human existence, one without alarm clocks.

I believed—and still do—that work didn’t have to feel hard and energy-sucking, and there was more to life than a Monday-Friday slog. For some, that schedule works. But if you’re like me, read on, wayward one.

From that mostly joyless job, my WHY was born.

Sure, money was a factor in my decision. My market research consistently showed a HUGE opportunity for growth in photography. But my other reasons for my WHY (like, why quit your job, risk everything, and start a business?) were more powerful:

First, there was a lot I wanted to see and do in this world which wasn’t possible with my schedule. 

Second, my soul was dying to express itself. I wanted to feel in flow when I was working, not like I could barely breathe. 

Finally, the opportunity to grow and make serious money wasn’t just about me, but would allow me the chance to give back, too.

So, less than six months after completing my very expensive masters degree, I quit teaching and became a full-time photographer.


Yes, it was scary. 

Yes, I messed up sometimes.

Yes, it was the best career decision I have made yet. 

The money, travel, creativity, and sleeping in whenevs, were incredible. My life was without question the BEST it had ever been, and way better than I thought it would be.

But realizing that I had learned how to start and grow a five, then six-figure business, was a different kind of gift. The kind that’s all Hallmark-card-sappy, but true: I could do hard things. (Thanks, Glennon Doyle for that one).

And if there’s a teeny spark inside of you, buried somewhere between the pizza you ate for lunch and your heart, I’m here to tell you that you can do it, too.

I’d like to help you get there.



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