No Followers? No Problem.

In this episode of the Photo Business Help Podcast, we talk about followers, likes, and how it's absolutely possible to build a successful business with lower numbers.

I think that there's a certain feeling of hopelessness that many people feel these days when setting out to build a business. Our culture is set up for instant validation via social media. If you have more likes and followers, your content is better.

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You're worth more.

There is certainly some truth and correlation between shitty content and low numbers. Of course that's the case. But what about true engagement? What can a super engaged, dedicated portion of your audience mean for your business?

Everything, actually.

As of this writing, I've been in business full-time as a photographer at Jennings Photo since 2010. To date, I've consistently hit or exceeded the 100k mark in gross revenue for more than half of that time. My life is good. I've traveled the world, been my own boss, and gloriously slept in…often.

But my numbers aren't crazy-high. In fact, as of today, my instagram following @jenningsphoto is 3,162 followers. I average between 20-40 likes per image. Sometimes much more, but the algorithm is confusing.

That isn't a very high number. I'm not even in the swipe-up-10k-club.

But my following is dedicated and interested. I communicate with my audience on other platforms and send them emails.

What's my point?

Would you rather have 10,000 people casually like your work but never hire you or 100 people like your work AND hire you for photo shoots consistently?

I know which one I'll take every single time. Focus on the quality of your relationships, not the quantity as you grow your business. You will get to where you're wanting to go with plenty of room for growth.

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