Introducing the Photo Biz Profit Plan™

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A step-by-step coaching experience that walks you through exactly what you need to grow your photography business & book more clients.

The Photo Biz Profit Plan™ includes twelve, one-on-one sessions designed to show you precisely what you need to break through your personal stumbling blocks.

This 12-week coaching program is for wedding and portrait photographers who want to learn exactly how to attract more traffic & book more clients without feeling overwhelmed, confused about next steps, or lost in a sea of other photographers.

Before I explain the details, let's look at who this is really for…

You're a skilled photographer who dreams about making good money doing something you love. You're taking on clients, starting to promote your work, and are ready to learn exactly what to do in order to book more clients and build a strong business.

Whether you're…

  • a skilled photographer struggling with low engagement numbers and low booking numbers
  • a wedding or portrait photographer in the first few years of business who feels frazzled and disorganized
  • a Procrastination Champion with a big list of photo biz things that never seems to get finished
  • a photographer in the first few years of business who wants more bookings and clients, or isn't booking the “awesome” clients your colleagues seem to find
  • a lifestyle photographer who is tired of the hustle and wants to make more money but feel like you've hit a business—and creative—plateau
  • a photographer struggling with how to price their services, or unclear what your core service even is
  • a photographer who struggles with how to post content or build and nurture an email list

You're in exactly the right place and I'm going to explain how the Photo Biz Profit Plan™ will give you the resources and tools to build a strong photography business foundation and the strategies to book more of the right clients.

By the end of this program you will have:

  • a personalized Profit Plan Roadmap—co-created with Natalie—detailing exactly what you need to build your client base and grow your dream business
  • a crystal clear understanding of what your business needs to grow
  • a plan in place to build profit into your business instead of paycheck to paycheck
  • a clear picture of exactly who your ideal client is
  • a detailed understanding of how to price your services
  • everything you need to book more clients paying you what you're worth
  • a strong and focused core offer that's priced fairly
  • a finely tuned content plan already in action and aimed to attract more bookings
  • a bigger network and community to support you on your journey
  • a strong brand that includes everything needed for an excellent client experience
  • confidence in your work and your positioning
  • tools to automate and organize your business so you stay on top of everything

“If you feel overwhelmed and/or discouraged about your business or clientele, this program will help you to focus and start moving toward new goals. It gives you a tremendous amount of insight into why you are doing what you do, what you want to change, and how to make those changes.”

-Bonita Q., Profit Plan™ alumna

Good words from past students:

“I landed a big client and was able to submit a super-pro looking proposal (thanks to Natalie) and was able to secure the budget I need to pull off something REALLY cool.” -Gary O.

“This program took what I knew I needed to do and broke it down step by step. It also addressed some points I would undoubtedly have skipped over had they not come up during the one on one calls.” -Aaron F.

“I've been lucky enough to have had Natalie as a coach for over a year, and the results of this connection has been incredible and enlightening. She is intuitive, warm and incredibly caring. What Natalie brings to the table is a genuine curiosity – what makes you tick? From here she coaches from behind your “why” and is generous and unwavering in her willingness to help you succeed.” -Richie B.

“…Natalie helped me come up with three concrete goals that distilled my rather broad vision for the coming year. It's so valuable to be able to have guidance from another professional in my field. Natalie is an amazing listener with the unique ability to get to the heart of what you're trying to communicate. I will definitely be contacting Natalie again for future coaching sessions!” -Ashley W.

“Something clicked for me…and I finally have some clarity and a direction I want to move & grow in. It has taken me awhile to get here, and I felt something shift today. So I’m very excited and motivated. Thank you, Natalie!” -Cori M.

What's Inside?

MODULE ONE: foundation

This is where you'll be laying down a solid foundation to build on throughout the rest of this program. You'll be examining your current business in detail, as well as clarifying your goals and motivations.

It's important to be aligned in our actions. But it's really easy in business to look at the surface at what others are doing and attempt the same. MOD ONE will help get you back in touch with your creative purpose, business vision, and give you some important metrics to begin tracking.

You will:

  • Track basic metrics that are key indicators of basic business performance
  • Identify areas of strength, as well as what might not be working
  • Zero in on your deeper reasons for building this business
  • Understand in a clearer way where exactly you're headed
  • Reconnect with your creativity and inspiration

MODULE TWO: community

This module is focused on community building and networking with other photographers.

“But Natalie, aren't I focused on my business?” Yes! And community is an incredibly important part of the process.

You will:

  • Learn more about your market and the space you're swimming in
  • Clean out the social noise & fill your feed with relevant and useful information
  • Learn how to ask
  • Discover the power of a networking lifestyle
  • Choose how to show up and build your reputation

MODULE THREE: your offer

What are you selling and who are you selling it to? You'll also be working through the “how” of your sell and the copywriting aspect of a solid offer.

You will:

  • Learn about the types of photography business models and decide which is right for you
  • Revisit your ideal client in much more detail so you gain clarity
  • Define your main offer
  • Think about your sales copy and other copywriting related to your business
  • Decide the work you want to show and remove the work that's not serving your business

MODULE FOUR: pricing and profit

In this module, you'll learn about having an abundance mindset, how to price your sessions, and what it actually means to have a profitable business.

You will:

  • Recognize any limiting beliefs you have around money
  • Understand what makes a business profitable
  • Learn how to price your services appropriately
  • Explore how to close a booking
  • Learn some quick tips on how to share or display your pricing information

MODULE FIVE: client workflow

In this module we'll dive into client communication essentials so you have a refined and professional protocol for interacting with your clients.

In this Mod you will:

  • Learn how to refine your interaction with a client from the initial inquiry to product delivery and beyond
  • Understand what it means to provide stellar customer service
  • Explore elements of clear communication including templates, web pages, and PDFs
  • Check out the power of a CRM for contracts and payment
  • Identify what you want to offer then choose a photo delivery method

MODULE SIX: communication & essential marketing

In this module, you'll learn how to starting pulling the pieces together to communicate your offer and your value to your ideal client with clarity and consistency.

You will:

  • Understand the ways you'll regularly communicate with your audience
  • Blog properly
  • Understand what a welcome sequence is
  • Choose your social platforms
  • Plan your communication schedule


You'll dig into your website, templates, and other standard messaging for any errors. You'll also be looking for places where things need a little improvement on the copywriting front.

User experience—UX—is also a huge part of a successful client experience so we'll refine what you have and even test it with the least tech-savvy people you know.

You will:

  • Review your website, CRM, templates and other communication items for errors
  • Test UX for workflows and website
  • Revise COPY
  • Collect feedback


This module is an important place to review what you've bookmarked and begin thinking seriously about how you want to use your time during implementation month.

In this MOD you will:

  • Revisit all of the main points from the previous modules
  • Review your metrics and record any changes from 8 weeks ago (good or bad)
  • Practice visualizing where you're headed
  • Complete the PREP LIST so you're ready for implementation month!

MODULES 9-12: Implementation Month

The structure of this final month is designed to help you with the following items:

  • Getting caught up on any past lessons that need attention
  • Developing and implementing a repeatable marketing strategy aimed at your ideal client
  • Walking away with a business outline that’s clear and actionable
  • You'll also complete your content strategy and schedule

Included in the Profit Plan You'll Get:


Profit Plan Roadmap that we will build together with benchmarks, goals, and tools to keep you on track and show you exactly what you need to do each step of the way to move your business forward.


One-on-one coaching calls with Natalie. That's 12 weeks of 1:1 time with Natalie helping you every step of the way. This sh*t ain't common, folks. This is a chance to the the coach and course creator walk you through the program every single step of the way.

These calls will keep you accountable and on track. You'll have my input and undivided attention in order to help you with questions along the way.


Modules packed with the content needed to take you step-by-step through the process, including tools, resources, and worksheets along the way


Group coaching calls with Natalie (one each month) where you can connect with other Profit Plan Peeps and ask questions you might like feedback on as you go through the program

You'll get access to one module per week for 12 weeks so that you have time to really focus on each lesson, and so that you're making sure you get certain pieces dialed in before jumping into something new.

This format has been proven to help people not only stay on track and make the most of our 1:1 time, but ensures that you don't miss anything important as you go through the process.

Natalie Jennings Photo Biz Help

PLUS these badass BONUSES to help keep you accountable, motivated, and on top of all the things:


Private access to Natalie and the whole Profit Plan posse on Slack. That's right, you'll be able to chat, share links and feedback, and reach out to the whole group anytime…fo'evah.

Morning Module Bonus

A sweet little side module that includes my take on morning routines and why they've changed my life. Plus, details on how to shape up your morning so you're more prepared to kill it when you sit down to work.

Build Your List

One full hour with Natalie and all of the Build Your List curriculum! You'll learn how to do all of the email list basics from set-up to segmenting and everything in between!

One Year of Group Call Access

Want to stay on the coaching train? You'll get access to all of the group calls–and the options to attend them–for one full year. Super bonus.

Enroll in the early-bird offer today and take 25% off! (now through Nov 30th)

Reg. price $1997

Early Bird $1497 OR 3 Monthly payments of $554

And for you fence sitters out there, you'll also get a 14-day Risk-Free Guarantee

The Photo Biz Profit Plan™ is a high-level program for wedding and portrait photographers who want to learn exactly how to attract more traffic & book more clients without feeling overwhelmed, confused about next steps, or lost in a sea of other photographers.

Essentially, if you're ready to put in the work, it will work for you.

But sometimes life happens. Let's face it, global pandemics and murder hornets are real.

By the end of the first 14 days you'll have access to the Slack group, 2 private coaching calls with Natalie, 1 group coaching call, 2 full-length modules, and the Morning Module Bonus.

This means you'll get a chance to do the major foundational work in Module One, the Community Building in Module Two, and have a chance to really dig into the what the program has to offer.

If by the end of 14 days you don't feel like you've made any progress, simply submit the progress you've attempted and we'll refund your investment.

The plan works if you're willing to commit to it and do the work.

-Aaron F., Profit Plan™ alumn

Want to know what other folks were curious about before signing up?

  1. Are there a bunch of other costs hidden inside of this program?
    Not at all! Most folks who join already have a website and the other basic software needed for running a lifestyle photography business. Some of the other things we cover–like email list building–will require a service, but you can always try things for free, first.
  2. Do I need to be good at tech for this course to work for me?
    Nope. However, if you're currently running a photography business–which is where I recommend PP folks start first–then you'll be familiar with the basics. Nothing much more complex in this course than what you're already working with.
  3. What if I can't make a call?
    If you have an emergency, we'll reschedule our 1:1. If you can't make a group call, they are all recorded and you can go back through any group call you'd like to revisit.
  4. This is a big investment! Do you think it'll work for me?
    The short answer: yes. The longer answer includes the suggestion that you'll get out of this program what you're willing to put into it. We are all at different places on this journey, but I'll always require that you apply first. If you don't seem like the right fit, I will let you know. I'm not interested in selling something to people who aren't qualified or the right fit.

I know you can do this.

If you're ready to finally build your incredible photography business the right way, you're in the right place. I know life is straight up crappy sometimes, and it can be so overwhelming trying to figure out how to do this business thing.

But you CAN figure it out. And I'll be there with you every single week to help you.


Because building Jennings Photo changed my life for the better. I sincerely want that for you, too.

I strongly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. If you're doing well, then your family does well, and so does the community. Plus, I LOVE watching people walk away from this program with energy and clarity that they didn't have walking in.

One of the biggest things that makes courses valuable is the time it saves you.

You're busy. And sure, you could probably figure out how to do most of the things in this course if you had 8 hours a day to Google things.

But you don't.

You also can't fit my 10 years of professional photography experience into a tiny box, either.

This program–and my years of experience–are the perfect combination to take you from where you are to your goals in record time without the detours.

I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business.


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