Episode 100! It’s a Celebration!

This blog post and podcast episode are big for a few reasons. First of all, this is the first official blog post on the Photo Business Help WEBSITE! It's been a long journey to get here, to find clarity with my mission, to actually build the damn thing, but here we are:

I realized a while back that the podcast was going great, but I needed a tidy space for all of the photo education info that wouldn't be confused with weddings and portraits.

episode 100 photo business help podcast tackle your biggest goals


It helps you, the person interested in what I'm teaching, to find everything you need. It helps me as owner of Jennings Photo to separate things a little bit and avoid confusing folks who might be looking for photography, or photography education.

The podcast turned 100 today: 100 episodes, that is.

I put a call out to my community for some support for the show and was gifted an amazing collection of shout outs. It's a reminder that I'm in the right place, putting out the right vibe (if there is such as thing as “right”), and creating something that more than one person is into and learning from.

Today's episode focuses on celebrating this milestone, but also on some tips that helped me make it through a year of timely episodes.

Photo Business Help is a twice weekly show, and for me, keeping up with this commitment wasn't always easy. There have been late nights and down-to-the-wire deadlines. I've had to plan waaaay ahead sometimes, too.

Four things that help me BIG time to stay focused on big tasks:

  1. Action isn't always the effect of motivation, it's also the cause of it.
  2. Vague goals produce vague results.
  3. Keep your “why” clear and accessible.
  4. Choose items you can easily track.

Listen to episode 100 for a breakdown of each of these items. They've definitely changed the way I do things when it comes to sticking it out.

And for a list of all of the amazing folks who showed PBH some love, scroll down to connect with them and their latest and greatest.

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Thank you for your amazing sound bites:



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