Sick of social media not working for your biz?

You don’t get (or really even like) social media.
No one likes or comments on your stuff.
You want more clients but it’s crickets.

Also, you’re out of wine. 🍷

I hear you.

You want momentum and growth in your business.

Like, clients knocking on the door and you—confident, organized, smooth-operator-you—responding easily: click a button and have contracts signed, money paid, and you’re ready to show up excited for the shoot. 😎

But instead, nada.


When you do get a bite, the process seems to unravel:
“Did they get the contract?”
“Have they paid?”
“Why do they want to wear a walrus suit for the shoot? Did they even look at my portfolio first?”


“Ugh. This is NOT going to be worth my time and energy. Why does everyone and their cat want a discount all the time?”
“Why can’t I get cool clients and run my business profitably like everyone else is doing?”
“Plus, I HATE reels and posting all the time. It’s overwhelming.”
“What am I doing WRONG? Why does the universe hate me?”

…I suck.”

natalie looking at camera

First of all, you don’t suck.

You are enough…but you’re likely not interested in hearing that right now.

👉There IS something really important at work here.

One thing that I think it SUPER helpful to point out is that most of our external crap (not enough money, clients, likes, etc) is ALWAYS related to some kind of internal crap we 💯 believe.

For example:
▫️Not enough clients = I’m not as good at this as everyone else.
▫️I hate doing reels and will NEVER go live = what if I fail and everyone sees that I’m a loser?
▫️No one ever likes my stuff = I don’t really believe what I’m posting is valuable

See the connection?

The real problem is a lack of clarity.

Not just logistical clarity like, “How do I send contracts or where do I buy more wine at this hour?” But clarity around your internal thoughts about yourself and where you fit in this industry.

So, yay! It’s NOT you. We ALL feel lost without clarity.

The good news is that you can get clear—super-duper clear—if you’re ready to put in the time that’s required to get past this poopy hurdle and finally GROW your photo biz. 💩 🌱

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