Tarot for Business

I get that all of this might be new or weird to you, but trust me:


Tarot is a tool that works, for business & life.


In a tarot reading, the cards are a neutral reflection of your life, much like a mirror.

Only the person looking at the reflection judges it; the mirror simply reveals what is there.

The choice, the work, the healing, is done by you.

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An episode all about tarot:

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It isn't mind-reading, or talking to dead people, or predicting the future.


It's simply an effective way to get in touch with your inner wisdom so you can make better decisions and live a more aligned life.


Tarot is an amazing tool to add to your biz-building toolbox.

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Still on the tarot fence?

My podcast conversation with Annemie on This Can't Be That Hard is an excellent overview of how I use tarot to help people find clarity, confidence, and new perspectives.


This all helps YOU to move past blocks that are keeping you from growing.