the Greenhouse membership

shows lifestyle photographers how to align mindset, method, and magic to grow.

This is a new path to business expansion—one where your needs are prioritized, your inner wisdom becomes your biggest source of strategy, and where alignment before action is how things get done.


Getting your photo business fundamentals set-up is the easy part—but connecting with your deepest truthmagic is how your creative power gets unleashed.

Sure, we cover the business basics here. But the Greenhouse is so much more. It’s a supportive community and nourishing space that helps you grow with your photo business.

the Greenhouse provides the conditions for you to flourish—no matter where you are in your business

whether you are...

  • Planting seeds to establish a new lifestyle photography biz
  • Giving your growing biz the nourishment it needs to grow its roots
  • Tending to a firmly rooted business so it can blossom
  • Setting up systems and strategies for a self-sustaining ecosystem
  • Co-creating with others for community growth

Here's how we do it:

The Greenhouse Method™


The Greenhouse Method is a holistic approach to self and business growth centered on cultivating mindset, method, and magic alongside a supportive community.

MINDSET, joy, confidence

We help you uncover the perspectives that aren’t serving you and offer the tools and space to shift them into grounded beliefs that help you shine.

go from this...

◾️I don’t know how I can compete with the other photographers in the market


◾️I don’t know how I can compete with the other photographers in the market


◾️I feel like an imposter


◾️I feel like my business is running me


◾️I find myself procrastinating


◾️I’m not sure what I’m doing, and I don’t know my next step


◾️I’m doing this for the paycheck


◾️I’m not bringing in clients I like


◾️I feel like I’m doing the same thing over and over

to this...

🌱I’m part of a flourishing ecosystem where we support each other’s growth


✨I’m grounded in my gifts & clear in what I offer


🌱I prioritize my needs and energy so that I can show up fully for my business when I’m ready


✨I’m inspired to take aligned action


🌱I’m rooted in my why and know what to do to nurture my business


✨This work lights me up and makes me feel expansive


🌱I’m know whom I serve and how and where to reach them


✨I have an abundance of creative ideas to keep my business fresh & thriving

method, community, consistency

We get down to business and cover all the fundamentals you need to set up systems that create more stability in your biz and freedom in your life.

We make sure you’re solid on your...

Email list




Social strategy






And more...

magic, clarity, self-care

We believe everyone can tap into the infinite well of creative potential by owning their unique truthmagic. This is where we unlock the wisdom that lives beyond the mind...

by exploring practices and concepts like:

Body wisdom

Cultivating wonder





Radical honesty

And more

joy, intuition, and alignment are the strongest part of any business

hey, I'm Natalie: lead Greenhouse tender, coach, and podcast host

and I want you to know that YES-absolutely-yes, you can grow a profitable photo business that makes you feel alive

I stopped wanting to quit this biz when I realized what was most important about the work I do as a coach and podcast host...and it wasn't what I thought.


When I started teaching how-to businessey things back in 2013-ish, it was all method. Here's how you blog, start a newsletter, run a CRM, etc.


That stuff is the easy stuff. You can research most of the logistics in a single afternoon.


After over a decade of shooting weddings & portraits full-time, I noticed that what really made me tick, and my business successful, was harder to quantify.


And that's the stuff I wanted to help people with.


Since then, I've helped thousands of photographers find clarity and grow in life, and in business.


I believe that joy, community, and self-care are essential building blocks in order to get the right results. And I'd like to help you figure it all out for you and your business.


Welcome to the Greenhouse.

" will find clarity"...

"...totally worth it.

With the one-on-one training, group meetings

and the lesson plans,

you will find clarity in what you really

need and want for your business."


-Laeti G.

"...this program is Photo Therapy"...

"This program is absolutely worth the investment - an investment in your business and personal life. I also called this program my "photo therapy" as a lot of stuff came up for me in the coaching calls. Many of our conversations paralleled my therapy sessions, as we put so much of ourselves into our work, and our work is a reflection of ourselves. Natalie provides a safe space to be vulnerable, to share and connect with ourselves. She provides coaching and guidance to work toward the business you want to build/re-build, a business that reflects who you are, a business that supports you, and a business you're proud of."


-Cori M

"...helps me feel more creative and clear"...

"I have a clear picture of what I am marketing, who I am marketing it to. This helps me feel more creative and clear about what I want to say and what I am offering."


-Paul B.

"...the unique ability to get to the heart of what you're trying to communicate"...

“…Natalie helped me come up with three concrete goals that distilled my rather broad vision for the coming year. It’s so valuable to be able to have guidance from another professional in my field. Natalie is an amazing listener with the unique ability to get to the heart of what you’re trying to communicate. I will definitely be contacting Natalie again for future coaching sessions!”


-Ashley W.

You’ll get the most out of the Greenhouse if you believe…

our ability to create is a gift


alignment is the path to ease and flow


business does not have to be hard


a rising tide lifts all boats


there is no one way to do this thing


there is room for you in this industry


there IS a supportive, like-minded community in this industry


self care is revolutionary


you have something beautiful to give


photography that is intentional is a valuable service


you bridge your own magic with life’s magic to create magic for others


discrimination and cruelty are lame

a chart of courses included in the photo business help greenhouse membership

how the membership works:

◽️Ask for help and find community support in Photo Therapy once a week via Zoom


◽️Get the blueprint for growth in the self-paced Photosynthesis course that introduces you to the 9 main concepts we explore in Greenhouse


◽️ Learn from Guest Experts monthly in live Zoom trainings


◽️ Connect with other community members over weekly Accountability Sessions


◽️ Participate in monthly Mindset Sessions to help you step outside of imposter syndrome and negative thought patterns


◽️ Share wins and stay connected in the private Greenhouse Facebook group


◽️ Keep track of everything in the Greenhouse Calendar where you’ll find links to all scheduled sessions and featured monthly topics


◽️ Deepen your relationship to your inner wisdom with tarot readings & body wisdom work




The Greenhouse's transformational course that guides you through the 9 core pillars that we believe are essential for a thriving business






















Greenhouse Growth Tracker

We take your growth seriously, so we’ve created a tool to help you track your progress. We look at each of the program's core areas and regularly evaluate how you're doing.


This way you know where you're at and where you're going next.


"What can't be measured can't be managed" is one of those true-but-jargoney phrases that we Greenhouse folks know works.


here are some things people are asking about the Greenhouse

photo by Cori Miller

How long does it take to complete?

This is an individual decision based on tracking your progress and what you're getting from the membership.


Measuring your progress through the courses, growth & engagement in your business, and how you feel are all metrics you'll be able to track.


The bulk of the self-paced coursework (i.e., PhotoSynthesis™) has taken most folks 12 weeks or so to learn and implement. That said, there are new things happening every month in the Greenhouse including guest speakers, group coaching sessions, and more.


Sign up for the method, stay for the community and continued growth.

Are there additional required costs?



You have the option to upgrade to 1:1 coaching sessions, in person events, and mastermind offers.


It's also important to recognize that if you're new to business in general, there will be some costs to get up and running, but none required to complete this program.

Where do we keep track of things?

Once you join the Greenhouse you'll create a member profile. This gives you access to all of the courses, resources, and the Greenhouse Calendar. There you can track everything happening in the club by the month, including zoom links and other important information.


You'll also regularly assess your own progress using the Greenhouse Growth Tracker to understand where you're at and where you want to go.

Do I have to be a member for a certain period of time?

Not at all.


We strongly encourage planning for a minimum of 3 months so you're able to pace your way through all of the content, as well as attend new coaching events as they pop up.


If you join and it's not for you, you can leave at anytime. We require 15 days notice before the next billing cycle.

What do I get out of it?

Growth. Community. Confidence...well, all of the 9 pillars, of course!


This means trackable business growth--bookings, engagement, inquiries--and transformative personal growth.


You'll feel better, have more fun, experience a supportive community, and grow your business from a place of clarity and aligned action.

Can I get a refund?

We stand behind the awesomeness of this community & program, but we also understand that it might not be for you.


If you join and feel like this isn't for you within the first 14 days, we'll refund the other half of your monthly fee and wish you well!

still thinking about it?

If you're motivated by any of the following, you should give the Greenhouse a try:

I feel disorganized


I'm burnt out


I barely have time to eat, let alone grow a business


I procrastinate all the time


My business totally overwhelms me


I don't really like my clients or the work I'm producing


It's confusing to run a business


I feel like an imposter and everyone else knows what they're doing


I don't know where to start



Growing your business doesn't have to be hard, or lonely, or frustrating. You get to do things the way you want.


You're the boss.


And the Greenhouse is here to hold space for you to thrive.


You are extremely capable.


You have something special to offer.


You can do this.

"...the plan works..."

“The plan works if you’re willing to

commit to it and do the work.”


-Aaron F.

"...this connection has been incredible & enlightening"...

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had Natalie as a coach for over a year, and the results of this connection has been incredible and enlightening. She is intuitive, warm and incredibly caring. What Natalie brings to the table is a genuine curiosity – what makes you tick? From here she coaches from behind your “why” and is generous and unwavering in her willingness to help you succeed.”


-Richie B.

"...this program will help you"...

“If you feel overwhelmed and/or discouraged about your business or clientele, this program will help you to focus and start moving toward new goals. It gives you a tremendous amount of insight into why you are doing what you do, what you want to change, and how to make those changes.”


-Bonita Q

"...the personal growth I experienced because of this is epic"...

"You created a space for me to learn new confidence, and I became comfortable being 100% me. The personal growth I experienced because of this is epic. You helped me find balance, which in turn is helping me grow my business in a way that feels right for me."


-Christa R.

I am looking forward to helping you

Starting my photography business changed my life for the better in so many ways.


But more than the success of my business, I've learned so much about being a healthier, happier human.


The Greenhouse is about really digging deep and understanding that success comes from a place of aligned action.


Getting to that place isn't easy--or everyone would do it--but once you arrive, it's incredible.


The lightness and vibe you'll experience when there is clarity feels so damn good.


See you in the Greenhouse!