Thinking About Starting a Photography Business? You Should

I'm Natalie. I'm the host of the Photo Biz Help podcast, founder of Photo Business Help and Jennings Photo, my lifestyle photography business.

I used to be a high school English teacher, and the hours were loooonnng and hard. Teachers are superheroes, for sure.

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It was such a deep and positive shift for me when I left teaching to do photography full time…also because I love a slow morning.

I'm not saying quitting your job or going full time in photography is for everyone, it isn't.

But I AM a huge fan of getting clear about what you DO want in specific terms. For some, it's a part time gig, and others it's killing it in the six figure zone and flying all over the world shooting amazing destination weddings.

Your vision is your vision.

Mine has always been tied to my greater purpose: to lift up others

I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and you'll see that come through a lot in the work I do as a coach in the photography space.

I thought I'd bring this to teaching, but instead I was sitting in a sometimes empty charter school classroom, unsupported by my directors, and feeling like no one was hearing out my ideas.

The days were long and I wasn't living in a fulfilled way.

I was just existing in a routine that wasn't what I thought it would be.

But it wasn't easy. I had my own struggles finding my footing in the photo industry. This was 2009, so there was hardly anyone—compared with today—that I could turn to for support.

It was really discouraging to me, and felt really icky, that this industry was so cliquey and sometimes flat out mean. Some of the photographers I met had such competitive, weird attitudes about gear or presets, and were often really braggish…like I was always getting this side-eye kind of attitude. There was a TON of ego. And luckily that's changing as the industry evolves.

In almost all of my spiritual learning—shout out to Abraham Hicks—I've been taught to pay attention to how I feel. And it felt SO much fricken better to include people in what I was learning and build my own network of awesome people as my business grew.

And it grew.

I went from barely knowing anything to 6 figures over the next few years.

I realized a couple of things: I knew what worked for growing a strong photography business.

And I realized that most people who wanted to grow were focused too far down their path:

Their question was, “how do I book more clients?”

My answer was: in order to grow your business, you have to first plant solid roots. This meant finding clarity, having a vision, and a repeatable process that attracted the right clients.

That's how I started educating other photographers on how to grow strong businesses. I wanted to actually help. I wanted to lift others up in this community, not make them feel small. I wasn't looking at other photographers as competition, but instead as a supportive commumity.

Today, I feel more strongly than ever about lifting each other up.

We're in a time that calls for helping each other more than ever. And if I can help one person reach their dream of building a photography business, I'm happy.

And I've helped hundreds of photographers with in-person workshops and coaching, and reached thousands globally with the podcast.

Starting my photo business changed my life in so many amazing ways. Not only did I get to ditch my alarm clock, but I had something I'd never had before: autonomy. Over my choices in business, over my time, over HOW I did my job as a photographer.

I want that for you, too.

I see a lot of folks stuck and struggling in their photo business, feeling like imposters, they don't have “enough” followers, don't know how to find the clients they'd love to work with, etc. And they give up. Or lose motivation. Or forget what their original dream was in the first place.

Me, my niece, and Islay the Dog hanging out on a random Tuesday afternoon.
Me, my niece, and Islay the Dog hanging out on a random Tuesday afternoon.

But I KNOW that what worked for me can work for anybody, and that's what I am passionate of sharing.

Why? A rising tide lifts all boats.

Plus, I love teaching. Always have. And now I get to teach people how to make money doing something the LOVE.

This is possible for anyone.

It's not overnight. But with the right information and tools, absolutely possible. I'm not saying quit your job to do this. You can build this AND have a job. You can build this and plan to quit your job. Everybody's path is different, and that's something only you can align with. Meditate on what feels write. Journal. I'm a huge fan of journaling.

You might be like, “but there are SO many effing people that are photographers!”

And you're right about that. But this is one of the first things we address when you work with me: don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

This is about you.

And you know what? It's GOOOD that there are so many of us. Why? Because that speaks to a very healthy market. There is enough pie for everyone to have a slice. In an industry this big, you need a VERY TINY TINY slice to make a great living. Or a healthy side hustle…or whatever it is you want to do.

This is me telling you: YOU CAN DO THIS.

I've helped hundreds of photographers over the years, some of them started from scratch and are now not only associate shooters for Jennings Photo, but growing kick-ass, thriving businesses.

If you're ready, don't overthink it. Check out PhotoSynthesis and get on the wait list TODAY.

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