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I have been a professional lifestyle photographer for over 10 years now. And I started out doing weddings. I don't do weddings anymore. And I'm now doing branding, creative headshots, and portraiture. All that is to say I have learned a lot of stuff the last 10 years doing this. And because I have a teaching background, I started coaching and teaching way back in 2013, with the “Escape the Cubicle” workshop that I used to teach in-person at the Minneapolis photo center on Sundays.

Some of you that have been on the show since then, because you've grown your photo businesses, which is such a cool thing to watch. Some of you have joined our Facebook community and it's been really cool to stay in touch with everybody. One of the super cool things about being a teacher is watching people take what you learn and take off with it. I've seen some incredible progress with a lot of people that I've worked one-on-one with, and I'm thinking about three off the top of my head have been able to leave their full-time jobs, which is what escape the cubicle was designed for originally.

Since then, I've gone on to develop a couple of other courses. The big one was called the Photo Business Profit Plan, and now it is morphed into my favorite iteration of it: Photosynthesis. Today, though I want to tell you a little bit about a free training that I'm offering that I believe will help you no matter what part of your photo journey you're at.

There's something in this for everyone. So this free training is coming up real soon–today, at 3pm CST! If you want to join me, you can head to PhotoBiz register. It'll be about an hour. You can turn it on and take notes or just have your headphones in and listen in. One of the things I will be going over in the training is the three things that I believe every photographer needs in order to grow a profitable, but more importantly, enjoyable photo business.

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What I find is when I'm working with folks, there's so many things that they want to get done. “I've got to set up a website. I've got to figure out my brand vibe. I've got to figure out how to manage my social.” It can be overwhelming. Your to-do list ends up being all over the place. There are big, huge items on your to-do list. Like “build a website.” Well, that's huge.

I put together this training as a little bit of a roadmap. Once you get busy, if you have crappy systems, it can be so stressful. So there's always value in double checking where you're at and making sure you have all the pieces in place to have a successful business. Right now as I'm recording this, I have close to 20 photo shoots that I've already shot that I have to edit and deliver. If I didn't have a process for that, let alone a process for making sure that the client has signed the contract and paid up, my head would be spinning.

So the training is kind of like a little mini roadmap. It takes all of those huge to do list items, all of the stuff that I believe is really necessary for a functioning business, and it breaks it down for you.

episode 222 want to grow your photo biz

I'm really excited to share some of this stuff. I've seen it work. Maybe it's the teacher side of me, but I just want things to be clearer and easier for people in this industry. I have made a bunch of mistakes and you will too. I think the whole point of education or investing your time and money in education is to shorten the distance from A to B and make it a little easier, so that's exactly what I'm doing.

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