Where Are Your Clients?

Where are your clients?

That’s a little bit of a loaded question. First, do you know who your ideal client is; what kind of person you’re most aligned with?

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Why is this important? 

You are creating content (IG posts, newletters, blog posts) in the hopes that people will like what you're doing and take notice, right?

If you don't have a clear idea of who that person is before you start sharing like crazy, you're wasting time and missing the mark.

For example, you might be creating instagram posts to show your work, or tweets or pins, and peppering the internet with them. Sometimes that’s just fun to do if you’re excited about your work. And that’s cool.

But you’re fishing and waiting without knowing if there are any fish where you’re at or if it’s the right bait.

Okay, maybe you’ve never been fishing before so that analogy doesn’t sit. My point?

You’ll have way more success booking clients if you know where to look for them in the first place. And even better, if you can offer them content that they actually want to see.

Let’s try a little exercise:

Think of a client that you loved so much you’d clone them and just keep working with them over and over and over again. Got a picture?

Now ask them, in your imagination, What do you want? What do you like to look at online? Where do you hang out online?

Did your client answer you?

If you continue with this practice, you may be surprised to hear a little small voice pop up. Listen to that voice. It’s generally not very far off. If you did hear something just now, does it align with what you’ve been sharing with your audience?

Here’s a final thought:

Yes, your new client wants to see your photos to know if they like your style. That’s very true. But they also want to know you. Try IG & FB stories to get in front of them in a different way. Or share someone else’s work (artwork, music, photography, whatever) in a story so your potential client can see more of what you’re into.

Maybe your ideal client is all over LinkedIn. Then spend more time there.

You get the point. 

If you got to this point in the episode and you’re still feeling a little stuck, try my free worksheet to help: It’s a short but powerful walkthrough to help you narrow in on the client you’re searching for. That’s for your free guide.



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