Where do I get more clients?

Where do I get more clients?
Does this sound familiar?

Is it all tumble weeds in your bank account & crickets in your inbox? How about social media, no one liking stuff?

Sounds bleak, but it doesn’t need to be.

You’re a photographer because you’re a magical creative with your own unique way of doing things that makes you YOU.

So where are all the clients?

You think, “what am I missing that everyone else seems to have?”
You think you suck.
Social media? How about a swift kick in the crotch instead?
Plus, when you’re on social media you feel a million times worse (PS: this is called doom scrolling for a reason)
You don’t feel good enough. Maybe photography just isn’t for you.
You get the sense that you’re an outsider to this cool kids club. You’re SO sick of your day job but can’t imagine leaving because, money.

But here’s the thing.

Not having enough clients is not the problem. You have a clarity problem.

The real problem lies in the layers underneath what you THINK is the problem (no clients), because deep down you don’t feel like you’re good enough or worthy of the business of your dreams.

You believe you should be able to figure this out—’cause, duh, you’re actually really smart—but you just keep trying & nothing is working.

The real problem is that deep down you don’t TRUST YOURSELF to ask for the help you need because you don’t believe you can be helped at all.

You’ve already tried it all, right?

the greenhouse membership

You feel like an idiot that keeps failing. And failing. Like, “I should be able to figure this shit out!”

Until you fix that, having clarity around your business won’t do a darn thing to help you.

But…what if there was a way to feel confident about your style, your pricing, and what you offer the photo world?

What would it feel like to actually enjoy social media because you know what to post to attract the right folks?

What if, in a few months, you looked back on the doubtful & burnt out person you feel like today & you felt LOVE because that person knew they had it in them & didn’t give up when it was hardest?

You just found a better way. The clients are there. Promise.

I was you once.
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