Why I Love Pic-Time

Pic-Time is a fantastic tool that you can use for your online gallery. From its aesthetic, to its automated features, to the light room plug-in, Pic-Time is an amazing tool to add to your business's workflow!

As my photography business developed, I chose not to continue with in-person sales, or IPS. I was traveling a lot and selling in a physical gallery just wasn't working for me. (Although IPS can be very lucrative for those who can manage it!) Since I moved everything online, I've been hosting my galleries online on SmugMug.

episode 201 why i love pictime

But, this post is about Pic-Time! We were chatting on the monthly Photo Business Help Clubhouse chat about how to serve our clients when it comes to selling if we're not doing in person sales. (By the way, you can join the monthly Clubhouse chat which is on Mondays at 2pm CT!) It came up that Pic-Time is an intuitive, worthwhile site to use. Let's get into three reasons why.

1. Pic-Time's aesthetic is clean and minimal.

This makes the site super easy for clients to understand. Your photos are accessible, easy to find, and presented in a beautiful, clean way. They even have a tutorial for clients to check out when they first log into the gallery.

2. Pic-Time offers awesome apps and automation to save you time.

Pic-Time has excellent marketing automation, which lets you do things like auto-reply to emails regarding sales. This can save you precious time as your business grows. It can also guarantee that your clients feel cared for and supported, too.

3. Pic-Time has a lightroom plug-in.

Here's an example: I ca upload a gallery that is watermarked for a client to view. Clients can look through the gallery, choose their 20 favorite photos. Then, I can pull the photos immediately into the light room and work on them. The changes I make will be immediately reflected in the gallery. Easy peasy!

I'm really excited to keep using Pic-Time in 2021, especially as things get busier around here! There's great news for you, too if I've convinced you try Pic-Time! If you click here, you can get your first month free. If you sign up, you'll get this same code to share with your own friends and colleagues! I highly recommend adding Pic-Time to your list of tools to try out. For what it's worth, I'm not affiliated with the brand–I just like it!

Finally, this is just another reminder that I'm launching a new membership program for budding photographers called Photosynthesis. It will feature coaching sessions, guest speakers, and a whole lot more. You can join the waitlist here.



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