Why You Need To Book More Clients

One of the questions that I get more than any other question is: how do I book more clients? That's not just photography question, it's a business question.

Some of us come into this business as artists, and think that putting good quality photos is enough. Maybe, if you're fortunate to have a great audience, and a cool network of folks in your community, it might be that easy. But for many of us, it's a bit more complex.

When it comes to booking more clients, I like to look at everything holistically. Booking more clients is related to a lot of other pieces of your business, from your mindset, to your social strategy, to your motivations as a photographer. If you find that you're weak in one area of your business, I highly recommend that you do an overview of every part, because they're all connected. Let's cover the who, what, where, and why of building a strong business that attracts more people.

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The Why

The first step is understanding your intention behind all this. Is it just money? Do you want more free time? Would you like to have a little extra cash to go on vacations with your family? Is it because you hate your job? The reason this “why” is so important is because it can inform the type of business you have.

For example, if your “why” is the ability to travel more, then maybe you'll avoid in person sales in your photo business, and focus on online sales. Figuring out kind of what your “why” is going to not only color the decisions that you make in terms of business structure and how you run your business, but it's also going to be the thing that will pull you out of a slump. If you have a strong “why” that's connected to the business model that you choose to go with, you'll be able to pull your business through the ups and downs.

The What

The next piece of this is knowing your “what.” What are you offering people? What problem are you solving? What style of photography and what kind of packages?

Your offer is how you really build a strong brand. And I think as photographers, we think, “my offer is my photography.” But you have to refine it a little bit. Why? Because if you have a website that offers everything from product photography to fashion, photography and newborns, people aren't going to know what you're all about.

If you're struggling to book more client, it's very hard to build solid brand messaging and a consistent client base around a ton of different industries. Once you know your offer, you can also get really intentional about your pricing and your structures.

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The Who

Who is your ideal client? Remember, you also want to repel people as much as you attract people. Perhaps you have a million offers because you are afraid to say no to people. Learn more about honing your client base in some of my other blog posts, like this one.

The How

A lot of folks that are new to business struggle with the processes, systems, and organizational tools required to keep the operation running. It's tough as an artist, because you already have a lot on your plate. Not only are you trying to learn how to use your camera, and how to interact with clients, and how to edit, and have a great production workflow, but you're trying to figure out things like booking systems and contracts and invoices.

It can definitely be tough! And if things aren't dialed in, it can be hard to attract new clients. But there are ways to make it easier, like repurposing your content or simply listening to the Photo Biz Help Podcast!

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