Your Mindset Might be Holding You Back

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about mindset stuff. I'm reminded of an exercise that I used to teach in the Escape the Cubicle Days. It was like a one day workshop that I taught at the Minneapolis photo center for a few years.

I loved doing this exercise. It really shines a little bit of light how powerful our mindset is and how it affects our business. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming to hear things like gratitude and intentionality and alignment and manifesting and all this stuff.

But all of that stuff brings positive momentum and energy. When stuff gets overused and not looked at more deeply, we gloss over it. I do talk about mindset stuff quite often, so it's exciting to bring back this little exercise. My intention is to have this be a short, but very powerful exercise.

episode 230 your mind might be holding you back

Here's the exercise. If you are somewhere that isn't your home, then I want you to close your eyes and picture a room in your home with as much detail as possible. If you're already at home reading this, I invite you to just look around whatever room you're currently in.

I want you to think about all of the things that you have on the walls. Think of the furniture and the color of the furniture.

Maybe envision the different plants that you have around. Perhaps you have a television or a stereo, a rug, the bed for the dog. Think about in as much detail as possible; all of the things in this room that you spend a fair amount of time in.

Recognize that every single one of these things is in this room is a result of a previous thought that you once had. So let me dig into that a little bit more. It might seem obvious. All of these things in this space that you live in, the things that you chose to eat today, the things that you chose to wear today, the music that you're listening to are a result of a series of little tiny thoughts that you have already had.

Have you ever been in a place with your business where you're lost or a little disorganized? Maybe what you're posting online doesn't feel quite right. Maybe you're not booking enough clients. Maybe you're burnt out, or overwhelmed. Maybe you just feel like everybody's doing it, but you're missing something.

Whatever those thoughts are, that's totally fine. No judgment on your thoughts at all. However, those limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and about your business are really, really powerful. We generate a tremendous number of limiting beliefs and unconscious thoughts throughout the day. If we are making decisions based on our thoughts, it is without a doubt, every single time going to impact our businesses.

Thoughts become things, just through our basic process of alchemizing things into emotions and then into action.

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So, a thought happens in your mind. Whether that thought was deliberate or unconscious, it's going to stir up some kind of chemical, emotional response. That's what our emotions are. So if you have a feeling, for example, like “everybody's so good at this, I suck,” even if that thought happens in like a millisecond, it triggers an emotional response in your body. The way we make physical decisions in the world is based on whatever sort of chemical composition is going on in our body.

If we feel really excited and happy, we might get up at a wedding and dance a little bit. If we're feeling really crappy, we might grab our phones and scroll through Instagram and take a nap.

All of these micro thoughts create micro emotional responses. The micro emotional responses end up creating, and inspiring our actions. This is why these negative mindset things are such a big deal.

I work with a lot of people that are just kind of stuck. I want to always go back to this mindset piece. Believing that you have something of value to offer is truly a huge part of a successful business. So, this exercise hopefully will give you a little bit of insight into how our lives are a direct mirror of how we think.

Try to look at some of the thoughts and ideas you have around your business. Try and spend a little time brainstorming the things that you know that you're good at.

Thank you for reading!



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