EP 02: Mindset

Hello and welcome to the Photo Business Help podcast!

I’m so glad you’re here taking a step to grow personally and professionally. It might not seem like a big deal, but it IS.

When I used to teach my workshop–Escape the Cubicle–I used this analogy: A little effort toward your goals each day may be difficult to measure–which is the instant gratification we’re all conditioned to seek–but they DO make a BIG difference. Think about growing out your hair, gaining or losing weight, or planting a garden…in all of these things the small changes are consistent each day, but it often feels like nothing much is happening.

And this is when most people have a tendency to leave their best intentions behind; when a few days or weeks have been dedicated to a project, but it seems like nothing much is happening. I assure you, there is ALWAYS something happening.

Episode two Photo Business Help Podcast. 

Mindset: Revisit the Basics

As Jack Canfield says in one of my fave books The Success Principles, “You either are, or you aren’t.”

This is the beginning of the Photo Business Help Podcasting journey for me AND you, and I know consistency and dedication is key. So, get dedicated.  What are you trying to accomplish? Recognize that you might feel like you’re treading water sometimes, and that is completely common (I hesitate to use the word normal for most things) and it’s okay.

It’s okay where you’re at. It’s okay to to have big goals or small goals. It’s okay not to know. It’s okay. I’m giving you permission to relax into what feels right for you, everything else will be okay.

Let’s dive into a short exercise to get you thinking about where you’re at. Whether you’re a veteran photographer or just starting out, this exercise is helpful to revisit regularly. If you’d like to keep this exercise handy to jump back to in a few months, download a copy here.

These three questions appear simple, but they will require you to really think about what it is you’re doing. It’s the beginning of a journey where you’re more organized and intentional about what you’re creating and doing with your time.

Number one:

Why am I interested in exploring a photography (or other creative) business OR seeking coaching for my business?

This is your big WHY. You may have come across this before, but the WHY in anything you set out to do, especially as involved and time consuming as building a business, is paramount. It will get you closer to your goals faster, allow you to say yes or no to things more easily, and steer you through the fog of low energy, slower seasons of doubt and uncertainty. Your WHY is your lighthouse, so take some time with it.

My WHY? To be my own boss. This includes more control over my schedule (NOT less work time, just more flexibility and control), the ability to build and create in any direction I’d like to explore, and more freedom to travel, something very important to me.

There’s no wrong why, but I caution you: if it’s ONLY to make money, and there’s no joy or passion behind it, you probably will wobble. Money is everywhere. It’s abundant all around us and if you’re stuck in your business journey, you’ll start looking for it elsewhere.

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Okay, number two:

What is ONE THING I’d love to accomplish in the next 90 days? The next month? The next week?

Sometimes working backwards from a larger goal like 90 days helps to bring your attention to the smaller pieces and give you a clearer focus. They all build on each other to ultimately contribute to your biggest goals.

Number three:

If I met myself on the street ONE calendar year from right now, who would I be absolutely delighted to meet?

Get really creative AND detailed with this one. I recommend, if you’re a meditator like me, to practice this exercise just after meditation when your mind is clear and receptive. Either way, set a timer, close your eyes, and dig into this one. Who do you see walking toward you? Are they healthy and vibrant? What do they have to say when you ask ‘how have you been’? What is their attitude? What kinds of things have they accomplished?

Have fun with this one! And again, if you’d like to grab a copy of this exercise to keep handy, head to

Remember in all things you do, consistency is KEY.

Love & light until next time!



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