Evolving Your Pricing and your Business

On our latest episode, Audrey and I discussed how to pitch a pricing change to your client base and howt to make longer portrait sessions more meaningful.

Audrey and I have both added more creativity to our businesses in the past few months. I recently rented out a house for a photo shoots, and it was a really cool way to curate a unique session. Audrey is working on shifting her longer portrait sessions towards a more curated, lifestyle and documentary storytelling approach. Every industry and individual is constantly evolving and experimenting—that's how we grow!—so don't be afraid to make some changes. Clients will likely be understanding and excited. 

But how do you tell clients about these new changes and new pricing?

The key is to over-communicate.

Ensure that clients understand exactly what to expect to avoid any potential resentment. It's important to explain the value of the services offered, as this can help justify higher prices. Don't be afraid to try new things until you find what works best for your business!

Ultimately, it's about building a job for yourself that feels good. 

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