Getting Past Feeling Stuck in Your Business

So, if you are one of those people that doesn't really get social media…you're frustrated. No one's liking your stuff. No one's really commenting. You want more clients…You probably need more clients, but it's just crickets out there. I totally hear you. And I get it. I've been there. The thing that I believe everyone wants to a degree is momentum and growth.

Everyone wants this feeling in their business: a smooth flow of folks inquiring and signing up and booking and just a general sort of in and out the door kind of carousel-like flow to your business.

You also probably want things on their end to work really well. So it's easy for them to book, easy for them to pay, easy for them to understand what they're getting.

You're not getting this back and forth from clients that just don't get you. You want a smooth running business, but instead you're maybe in this place where you're like, that is not me. Everything just feels hard. Or when you do get a bite or an email, the whole process that you have seems to unravel, you're like, “did they get the contract? Have they paid? Why did they want to wear a monkey suit for the shoot? Did they even look at my portfolio first? Wait. Oh my gosh. I totally forgot that they emailed me yesterday or last week. Crap.” Sound familiar?

Or maybe, you're in this boat where you're like, “this is not going to be worth my time and energy. Why does everyone want a discount all the time?”

Or, “why can't I get cool clients and run my business profitably, like it seems like everyone else is doing. Plus I hate doing reels. I hate having to post on social media all the time. It's overwhelming. It doesn't even work. What am I doing wrong? Why does the universe hate me? I suck.”

Yeah. So if that's you…

First of all, you don't suck. You are enough. We all have our own special combination of things that make each one of our businesses unique, but you're likely not interested in hearing me say that right now.

Most of our external crap. So for example, not enough money, not enough clients, not enough likes not enough follows, et cetera, is always related to some kind of internal crap that we lean on real hard. So for example, not enough clients could equal and likely is related to a thought process internally, like, “I'm not as good at this as everyone else.” Or I hate doing reels and I'll never do a live, might be what if I fail? And “everyone sees that I'm a loser or no one ever likes my stuff” might be, “I don't really believe what I'm posting is valuable.” Can you see the connection there?

Can you see how there's actually an underlying dialogue?

It could even be subconscious.

It's not like you're hearing this voice necessarily all the time, but there's an underlying thread that's energetic, that contributes to how you show up, what you say when you show up, what you're actually intending from what you're posting. These are all really, really huge concepts.

And I think they're really, really important to dig into. I've talked a lot about intention when you're posting, when you're showing up, like, what is your deeper intention here? I've talked a lot about serving before selling. All of these things, energetically, when you're coming from a place of lack and like tightness in your body, like “no one likes me. I have no money.” There's no way that you're going to project something else to the world. It's just not going to come off. Hopefully that makes sense to you. And the real problem here, the way to sort it you're like, okay, great. But like, what do I do? A thousand percent. The real problem is a lack of clarity.

I talk about clarity all the time. This isn't just like logistical clarity, like “how do I sign contracts? Or where do I buy more wine at this hour?” It's clarity around your internal thoughts about yourself, about your business, your style, about where you fit in and fit in, in this industry. That is what I'm talking about.

So it's not, you. Every single one of us, every single one of us feels lost without clarity. Everyone. Clarity is like the key to all the things.

What does clarity look like? Clarity is just knowing where you're going.

It's knowing why you're doing this. It's knowing your numbers. It's knowing your messaging. It's knowing your offer. It's knowing your clients. It's knowing your workflow. All of those things. When they are clear, when you know exactly how to do all of that stuff.

When you know exactly what your numbers are and where you're going, it feels great. You can show up without confusion. You can show up and actually talk to the people that you want to talk to you because you know who they are.

Hopefully that makes sense. So the good news is that you can get clear, real clear…if you put the work in that's required to get past this hurdle that you're feeling stuck and actually grow your photo business.

So clarity is the key. That's really the main message that I wanted to share with y'all today.

And if you're feeling any of this, if you're like, yeah, “I do realize that I'm not very clear or I really need some help. I've been trying to do this by myself for way too long and it's just not working.” Check out the greenhouse, no pressure, but there's a lot of info there that might resonate with you.



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