Making Social Media  Fun

When you draft up a social media post for your business, do you think about who are you posting it for? Curating your social media to your audience or your niche is a great way not only to increase engagement (and get more sales!), but it also makes posting on social a heck of a lot more enjoyable. 

“Just brain dump everything that every lead has ever asked you”

Here's Shaily Hakimian, this week's guest, with a pro tip to generate content: 

“The simple trick I'll say to everybody [is] open up a Google Doc. Maybe it's a piece of paper, whatever your medium is, and just brain dump everything that every lead has ever asked you, every DM you ever got, what are the questions that they're having? Just write 'em all down, because that's the stuff that can feed your content over and over again.”

Use your closest followers to curate specialized content for and from them

See what Shaily did there? She's using her audience—her closest followers— to curate content for and from them. 

Here's Shaily one more time:  

“Even if you don't have a bajillion followers, if 20 of your followers are people that love and adore you, and they see the reminders of why you're great, or you help educate them on [why your] photography can benefit their lives.”

This weekend, think about how to make content that works for the close contacts in your network when generating social content. 

About Shaily
Shaily started doing social media for her hobby community in high school… ON MYSPACE. She didn't realize what she did was doing social media until after college when she saw a question on a job application asking if she had ever managed an online community, and she realized there was something there.

She graduated from Indiana University with a degree and certification in elementary education K-6, and she now uses those mad teaching skills to lead workshops, work with business owners 1-on-1 training them on social media, and has coached 200+ B2B consultants on how to use LinkedIn to grow their business. She guides business on how to stay top of mind with their community and referral network using social media. I hold them accountable and boost their confidence in themselves, what they have to offer, and their own social media abilities. She loves live streaming, event social media, live Tweeting, and comment engagement.

Learn more about Shaily on LinkedIn, Twitter, and don’t look too hard for her on TikTok.

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