Copywriting 101: Tips and Tricks from Tahnée Sanders

Have you ever thought about whether or not the copy on your website is attracting clients? 

This week's guest on the show, Tahnée Sanders, recommends leveraging your copy in a few ways to grow your business. 

Good copy can let clients know more about you as a person (ie: build trust), make it clear what you want them to do (ie: make the sale), and show them what your brand is all about (ie: attract your ideal client!)  

Here's one common mistake that Tahnée says a lot of photographers make. They'll expect their work alone to be enough to convince folks to sign up for a session. 

They'll say: 

“'Here's my creativity, here's my soul in a bunch of images on this screen. I hope you love it enough to work with me.' That's not enough. It's never enough, and we need to stop being so careful and polite and actually tell people what we want them to do. 

Do you want them to book an inquiry call? Can they instantly open up a calendar and book a family photo session with you? What do you want the person visiting your website to do to work with you? 

Remove all of those obstacles. It's not pushy to help someone connect with you. That's never pushy. And so many websites that I will go into review, especially people in the creative space, they're trying too hard to let their creativity do the talking.” 

With that advice, take a closer look at your website copy this weekend!



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