From Comparison to Inspiration

It can be a tough balance: avoiding a comparison trap while still finding inspiration from others.

We’ve all been in the situation where we see someone else’s work and we feel discouraged or jealous. 

When those feelings of comparison arise, take a step back to reflect on why those feelings might be present. Is there a reason you are feeling threatened by this other person? What are the facts of the situation, outside of the stories and threats your brain may have made up? And finally, what is it about their work that you might admire or aspire to?

When you’re feeling up to it, redirect that negative energy into creativity. What is positive about this person's work (or someone else's) that you want to work towards creatively? Do you ever feel inspired by someone else's work? That feeling when you think, “That's a version of what I want to do.” 

Take that feeling and run with it, in your own unique way! It's important to create “a version of” the thing you feel inspired by, not to copy it exactly.  Just remember, the work you make always has to still be uniquely yours in some way or another.



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