What is the Greenhouse?

When I set out to do the profit plan last year and Photosynthesis the 12 week program, I started getting ideas that I wanted to do a membership. The way a membership works, if you've never been in one, is that you as the member pay a fee to be in the membership each month and you get access to courses, coaching, community, all sorts of stuff.

So I thought after doing this podcast for two and a half years now, and after all of the coaching I've done, that a membership would be the perfect way to support the folks that I work with. However, I did a crap job of really explaining what it was, even to the people in my closest circle.

So I decided to do a podcast episode (and this blog!) just to explain it to you. I'm super excited about it. The doors are not open yet, but the waitlist is: you can go to

Check out The Greenhouse website here:

So, the Greenhouse has a core goal of helping photographers. It's a new path to business expansion, and it's one where your needs are prioritized. Your inner wisdom becomes your biggest source of strategy. Where alignment before action is how things get done.

So you've heard me talk about intuitive business and connecting with your inner wisdom. I did an episode on tarot as a tool for this a couple of episodes ago. So the idea is that getting your business fundamentals set up is like the easy part.

When you talk about, “what do I put in my contract? And what's a CRM, and should I use Lightroom or Photoshop?” Those things are super easy to seek out. Everybody's talking about them. I've talked about them ad nauseam. They're the sort of things that are super important to your business, and they are a big pillar in the Greenhouse. But they're Google-able.

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The Greenhouse Membership program will have nine pillars. Of these nine, there's only one where we talk about all of these nitty gritty, like business-y things. Connecting with your magic and your creative power and unleashing that, and being connected to motivation and inspiration and confidence: those are the other pieces that we cover in the Greenhouse.

In addition to learning the business things, there's also a supportive community and a safe space for you to grow with your photo business. You can ask for help on any of the coursework that you're going through or anything that you're working through personally, in your business.

Once a week, we do a live Zoom call with me or another coach. We call it Photo Therapy. You'll also get sort of a blueprint for growth in your business with the self-paced photosynthesis course. And that course is where I introduce you to the nine main concepts that we explore in The Greenhouse.

There'll be monthly guest experts on Zoom. These are folks that know more than I do about things like SEO, client communication, et cetera. You'll be able to connect with other community members over weekly accountability sessions. There's mindset sessions to help you step outside of your imposter syndrome, your negative thought patterns and connect with other photographers. We'll be working on in-person events as well. You'll be able to share your wins or questions and stay connected in the private Greenhouse Facebook group.

You can keep track of everything on The Greenhouse calendar. That's where you'll find links to all of the Zoom sessions, featured monthly topics, resources, the PDF worksheet downloads, and videos. You'll also get a chance to deepen your relationship to your inner wisdom. You'll get better at making those intuitive choices that work for you with tarot readings and body wisdom work.

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These nine concepts are the core pillars of the topics that come up in the Greenhouse. Here they are:

Finding Joy




Work Method





If you're feeling disorganized, burnt out, overwhelmed, confused, or struggling with procrastination, this is exactly what we address in The Greenhouse.

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